SUBCON 58 DKC2, Yoshi, C64

This week we've got mashups, and original rhymes, but mostly mashups. We kick off the show with a 'so hot it's banned from YouTube' level mashup of Drake and DKC2 by Chi Duly, we got a double dose of 90's hip hop thanks to 8 Bit Mullet, and the latest rhymes by J.ReaL Hip Hop. I also interject with some thoughts on the DKC series and Yoshi Woolly World.


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“Haunted Energy” by Chi Duly from Drake x Donkey Kong Country – 6ixKong

“3rd (feat. TPK)” by J.ReaL Hip Hop from HOT

“For the Love of Yoshi” by 8-Bit Mullet from The Low End Yoshi

“Shoopadore 64” by 8-Bit Mullet from Console Wars


“Zelda Majoras Mask Hip-Hop Beat (Astral Observatory Room)” by VidalVille

“High Altitude” by SteamBoi & DJ Abomination from Path of the Devil Gene

Ending Theme:

“Peace Again (All Pattern Clear)” by Miki Higashino from the Konami arcade game Salamander