S02E09: The Call (for official VG rap)

Unauthorized Hip Hop. 

On this week's episode I tackle the touchy topic of officially licensed video game rap. The kind of rap that gets the okay from multiple corporate heads as well as several composers and sound designers. I also bump the latest mashups from Nintendo inspired artists Toon Link and Lemmy Koopa, including the Parappa X Wale mashup pictured with this episode.


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"Shake that Pac-Ass" by Lemmy Koopa

"Pretty Girls Rap" by Toon Link

"The Hatchling" by Voodoo Lion from Press Start - Episode I: An 8-bit Childhood

"Tipsy Observatory" by Toon Link


"OMG" by Froskees

"Dezolis" by City of Thieves

"Forest of Illusion X Raisi K" by Raisi K.

"Castlevania Stage 2 Stalker Hip Hop remix" by DJ Chief Takinawa

"Tina" by The Number Sixes

"STAFF CREDITS" by Koji Kondo from Star Fox 64