S02E03: Customer Loyalty

How can video game hip hop help you?

Four artists never before highlighted on the podcast. More VG based hip hop than you can shake a stick at. Brand new mashups and original rhymes from these newcomers. We've also got a great mix of BG beats and OST sounds. 

This week's 'Video Game Based Lyrics Corner' features the lyrics of Jay-Z, by way of the Legend of Zelda. I also discuss the latest Smash Bros DLC news, and implore you, those listening at home, to use your heart, and your rupees to help support this podcast!


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"For the Queen (Queen Latifah's Black Hand Side)" by RunC.T. from The Cartridge

"Down with Hova" by Aquma from Jay-Zelda: Beats Awakening 

"Gorilla Tactics (DK Rap 2.0) [Prod. Bknapp]" by Marcus & Rome from Rated 'D' For Dope 

"Stronger than You (feat. Estelle)" by Rebecca Sugar from Steven Universe episode "Jailbreak" 


"Game Over" by Dj.mma Productions from (T.N.C.M.) The Nintendo Classic's Mixtape  

"Process" by Aquma from TwentyFive TwentyThree EP 

"The Ordinary People [Shaped]" by Daisuke Nagata from the RADIRGY NOAH original soundtrack -GOOD BYE-

"Theme of Girl [Remastered]" by Hideki Naganuma from Atsumare! Guru Guru Onsen 

"Space Party Anthem" by Infinity Shred from Future, and it Doesn't Work 

"Game Music- Ending Sequence Theme #1" by Yoko Osaka from NES game Crystalis