Submit music to a Game Music 4 All compilation

  • New Game Music 4 All project coming soon

Song submission criteria

Join the facebook group for help or feedback.

  • Must be in WAV. format
  • Must provide an email to contact you back
  • We reserve the final say in the inclusion of any tracks submitted. 
  • If your song is a remix/cover/rearrangement etc, please include the names of the songs covered. 
  • Already released tracks can be submitted for inclusion on the compilation.
  • Original, exclusive, & unreleased music will receive higher priority for inclusion on the compilation.
  • All albums will be made free to download, with any proceeds going towards the funding and future of Game Music 4 All.

Use the contact form below or email us at to submit your music. If your file is too large to send, use a program such as DropBox to upload the file and email a link to download the file. Thank you!

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