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I'm back, for the first time with the new Game Music Shop! In stock this week is the stellar new Where the Water Tastes Like Wine OST by Ryan Ike, the eclectic Flight of Light soundtrack,  and Street Fighter: The RVA Warriors, a hip hop compilation out of Richmond, VA. Then we close with the latest EP of intense game metal with Clockwork by Super MadNES, and the spacey sounds of Continuum Kingdom's new album 7 dmns. 


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Ryan Ike
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Original Game Soundtrack)
Soulsucker Blues

Flight of Light – OST
Heavy Sun by Damion Sheppard

Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior
Sagat (Sagat Theme) by PhD Khari

Super MadNES
Clockwork EP
Shadow Soldier  [Ninja Gaiden - Arcade]

Continuum Kingdom
7 dmnsns
Wind Fish