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In stock this week, Apoplexia and GameChops present Rock Man Bass, Garrett McPherson pays tribute to a classic with Return to Zebes (Music from "Super Metroid"). Also talking about incredible indie game OST Best Burger by Nathan Cleary, the personal journey of Voodoo Lion on The Boy Who Believed, and Nameless Nation finally drops a new album in Beyond.


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Apoplexia & GameChops
Rock Man Bass
Quickman's Force Beam Abyss

Garrett McPherson
Return to Zebes (Music from "Super Metroid")
The Jungles of Brinstar

Voodoo Lion
The Boy Who Believed

Nathan Cleary
Best Burger Original Soundtrack
Lenny's Load Up Groove #2

Nameless Nation
Spirit Bombin' [Feat. Big JAKE]