All-star, globe-spanning VGM tribute featuring dozens of artists & songs, paying tribute to VGM composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.


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After several months and a ton of plays, GM4A is proud to present the highly anticipated release of IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute via Bandcamp. Every note of this amazing compilation is available completely free, and in a variety of different formats for the audiophiles out there. This not only includes the 35 tracks included over at the official album site iwadon.com (No longer active), but also several BRAND NEW songs exclusively for the Bandcamp album release by musicians such as Stephen Malcolm-Howell, Nate Trier, ilp0, and one of my personal favorite artists, Temp Sound Solutions. So if you think you have heard it all, you are sorely mistaken.

So head on through to the IWADON bandcamp page and download the entire album right now!

Full Tracklist

  1. Mutherpluckin' B. - Chaos Behind Black Curtains
  2. 8 Bit Instrumental - Spaghetti & Guns
  3. Stemage - Ninja Warriors Intro
  4. Cuckoo - We Got (chip) Love
  5. Stephen Malcolm-Howell - Avatar Selection
  6. Eiko Ishiwata - Winds in the Sky
  7. Doctor Octoroc - The Escalated Invasion
  8. Another Soundscape - Neon Glaciers
  9. Matt Simmonds (4mat) - Mitsume Meets Demoscene
  10. Nameless & Pocket Groovy - My Third Eye
  11. Ben Golder-Novick & Scott Bradlee - Eight Bits of Jam
  12. Gryzor87 - Spanky's Quest Theme II
  13. Crashfaster - Spanky's Quest Boss
  14. ilp0 - With The Gold Comes The Curse
  15. Matheus Manente - Desolation Canyon
  16. Chiptots - Carson City
  17. Nijeil (earth Japan) - Eye of the Flame
  18. Tatsuhico - Road to the Future (Tatsuhico Mix)
  19. Lunatic Gate - Eternal Force
  20. Trichromatic - Skyscraper (Airflow Mix)
  21. Nasuken - Jungle Cave
  22. Kento Watanabe - Report from the 1920s
  23. Videogame Orchestra - Headquarters
  24. Professor Kliq - Ninja Warriors Ending
  25. ThePlasmas - Feel The Wrath Of The Nopino Goblins!
  26. East Breaks in Thousand - Game Over -ab remix-
  27. Danjyon Kimura - Opening
  28. Super Madrigal Brothers - Pocky & Madrigal
  29. NEStunes - Enchanted Forest
  30. Matthew Walker - Oldfield Joins the Army
  31. Bradley Pearce - Spanky's Quest Track 6
  32. Active Knowledge - Last Encounter
  33. Manuel Mora - Mitsume ga Tooru Credits
  34. Alexander Piterskiy - No Weather Who You Are
  35. Ian Luckey - Jetmen Take Flight
  36. Nate Trier - Jetman Remixed
  37. Temp Sound Solutions - Choujin Sentai Jetman 2010 Mix
  38. Chris Porter - Victory
  39. Nanaki's View - Final Fight
  40. Mutherpluckin' B. - A Mere Tribute


Released 07/23/10

Official Website (with liner notes): iwadon.com (No longer active) 

Very special thanks to Jeriaska of Nobuooo (now Ongaku) and Chiptuned. I also want to give a huge thanks to the dozens of artists, musicians, fans, and friends who have made this album possible.