Watch The Altered Beasts perform an acoustic jazz guitar cover of the Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme


Absolutely beautiful cover of the music from Super Mario Bros 2 by The Altered Beasts, an offshoot of the amazing The OneUps VG jazz group. 

Considering they are part of the impeccable OneUps, it's clear that they know their instruments, and create an impressive jazz rendition of this well known, but sometimes overlooked theme from the odd middle child of the SMB family.

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Guitar Duo project by William Reyes and Tim Yarbrough of The OneUps.

Watch video game jazz group The OneUps rehearsing for their upcoming album


A few juicy bits of music before The OneUps head into the studio for their sixth album.

I remember a day when we had one OneUps album, and dammit, that was plenty. Of course a world with multiple The OneUps albums is not one I can disagree with. 

One more long rehearsal until we hit the studio this weekend to record our SIXTH studio album! We've really kicked things into overdrive for this one; expect to see more videos soon of the numerous guest musicians we'll have in studio! In the meantime, check out a couple different grooves from some of the new pieces.

The OneUps - Intergalactic Redux album release

Intergalactic warbles reach us from some distant, and yet unknown galaxy. It sounds like music. It sounds like Zelda music! Across the cosmos comes The OneUps with that cosmic swagger.

MAGFest announces full band roster for MAGFest 9 this January

Recently, the biggest convention of VG music fans and musicians in America, MAGFest, has announced their highly anticipated list of performing acts for next year. There isn't much to add to this, so just look below in awe at all the incredible talent performing. Not only brand new never before seen at MAGFest bands, but also the standard amazing acts, as well as several who haven't performed since MAGFests long since passed. Check out the bands below, and then head over to and grab your tickets now!

Featured Game Music Bands: The Protomen ( The Minibosses ( The OneUps ( Metroid Metal ( Armcannon ( Bit Brigade ( The Megas ( Year 200X ( X-Hunters ( Entertainment System ( This Place Is Haunted (

Not only will these acts be performing every night of this fest, but the floors will also be home to a cavalcade of video game composers and special guests. Check out the still growing line up over at this link! Rare Candy (

Bit Gen Gamer Fest announced for August 14, 2010

Looks like those rowdy VG rockers over on the east coast are at it again. And it appears that the sequel to the 8,16,32, and 64-Bit Genocides are announced and bigger than ever. The folks have done away with such trivialities as amounts of bits, announcing Bit Gen Gamer Fest!

The folks behind the show have already announced a whopping ten bands who will be throwing down this year. Folks coming out to this epic event will be hearing from Armadillo Tank, Rare Candy, The X-Hunters, The Ultraball, This Place Is Haunted, The OneUps, Year 200X, The Megas, Entertainment System, and Powerglove. If that isn't enough, we also have word that Youtube sensation BrentalFloss will be MCing the entire event.

This is all happening August 14th in Baltimore, MD. You can check out more of the event at their official site or via their Facebook and Myspace pages.

The OneUps - Super Mario Kart Album release

After announcing it sometime ago, The OneUps finally emerge from the studio with a brand new and highly anticipated release. Simply titled Super Mario Kart Album, it's clear what this album encompasses. We are presented with ten tracks covering all the memorable themes from the Title Theme right on through to the classic final track Rainbow Road.

Though Super Mario Kart is a well known title with beloved music, it seems that the soundtrack to the game has long gone overlooked by the rock and remix communities. So it is great to see that the group behind one of my favorite SMK remixes (Koopa Beach from The OneUps Volume 1) have come together to pay tribute to this gem of 16 bit gaming.

The entire album lays down some funky jazz rhythms starting off appropriately enough with a laid back latin jazz style rendition of the Title Theme which leads right into the funky moods of Mario Circuit. The album keeps things diverse with tracks like the drum driven Ghost Valley and the wintery tones of my personal favorite piece from the album, Vanilla Lake. This album would clearly make a great soundtrack for a laid back road trip or your upcoming summer barbecue with it's driving catchy tunes that provide a relaxing upbeat atmosphere.

The album is available now as a disc or digital download via The OneUps Bandcamp page for the reasonable price of $9.99. You can also give the soundtrack a listen in it's entirety on that same page. This is also a good time to mention that The OneUps' official site has gotten a fantastic make over care of the fantastic artist and web designer MazeDude.

Finally, here is a brand new video the folks at OneUp Studios and Waverly Films have put together for their first single from the album.

Mustin - Vision Quest EP release

The Extra Men - Vision Quest
The Extra Men - Vision Quest

Musician, remixer, and member of The OneUps, Mustin, is blind.

Okay, maybe not blind per se, but he has trouble seeing, like many nerds do. So he is in the market for some new glasses. To that end Mustin has released a brand new EP of collaborations for download. This album is available now via Bandcamp, and aptly named Vision Quest.

The album kicks off with a remix of He-Man, known as You'll Never Get Away With This! And combines Mustin's production and nerdcore rapper Beefy's heavy rhymes. The song see's The Beef playing supervillian versus what I assume is Mustin the hero. This track kicks off the album with a ton of power, and one of the catchiest hooks in nerdcore I have heard this year. This is followed by The Lion's Roar, a mellow streets of rage remix filled with a lot of well done urban ambiance. This track is fronted by well known musician zyk0 who throws down some smooth flows about the gritty streets that build very well through out the song.

This gritty tune takes us into the surreal music of Earthbound with the track I Want to Be Beside You. This song is fronted by the equally surreal group The Crackaz, who you may know from the Bound Together album. This is another one of those tracks where you have to just sit back, and take it all in. Suffice it to say though, this is definitely The Crackaz material. Mustin of course holds it down with a catchy R&B flavor to the catchy Earthbound tunes. This makes a good transition into the oft revered, yet rarely covered Bust A Groove soundtrack. Natural Playboy goes into full on seductive R&B tones thanks to Mustin's piano work alongside Dale North's impressive vocals that could easily be mistaken for a catchy radio tune.

We finally come to a close to this EP with another catchy tune. This time from Street Fighter II and my personal favorite tune from the soundtrack, Chun Li's theme. Beautiful Spring sees rapper Lucio telling the tale of the world's strongest woman. This song has a catchy flow and style very similar to the opening tune, which creates a very nice circular album.

This album is definitely worth the price of admission, and some of these songs are definite must hears, particularly the opening track, and the surprise catchiness of Natural Playboy. Lucky for you the EP can be streamed free and is available via OneUp Studios' Bandcamp for the reasonable price of about five bucks. And of course as mentioned above, it is going to help Mustin level up his vision back to 20/20.

MAGFest VIII announces final bands; all out of gum

At only a month and a half away, MAGFest 8 is right around the corner, and with that the MAGFest dissemination campaign is a go! If you watched the video above you know about one of the special guests who will be there, but word from Nick at the MAGFest camp has given word about some more guests including famed game developer Sid Meier.

Alongside the new guests, the final four bands have been added to the all star roster of VG influenced performances. Let's just do the list thing here, featuring the 100% full roster of amazing artists. It should be noted that none of the bands will have any gum either, which we hope is indicative of something or other.

Final bands added
The OneUps
Select Start
Entertainment System
The Megas

Previously announced bands
Metroid Metal
Temp Sound Solutions
Rare Candy
The Smash Brothers
Armadillo Tank
This Place is Haunted

So if you are on the East Coast, nay, on Earth, head over to and sign up for the fest right now. Unless of course you want The Duke ripping off your head, go to MAGFest.

Video Game Inspired Music article on

Recently I had the chance to write a guest article for Nintendo news site The article is called Sound Test. Th article is an introduction to three artists for folks who are new to VG inspired music. I cover the folk rock tunes of Elfonso, the gritty sounds of Temp Sound Solutions, and finally the classy jazz sounds of The OneUps.

The article takes a short paragraph long introduction to each group, and shows off some of their music via youtube. Head over there for a crash course through some new music or just to get reacquainted with some old favorites!

The Start Screen comes out of Beta and I write video game inspired music articles for them

So for those who may not have heard, new video game site, The Start Screen has come out of Beta. The site is hosting a new layout and lots of fresh content. Why exactly is a website coming out of beta big news? Well because I am a contributor to some of that great content!

Indeed I am now a contributor to The Start Screen and will be continuing to spread the word about video game inspired music and art there. The articles on the site will be introductory style posts for different artists and their albums. Be sure to check out The Start Screen and sign up for the site. Also be sure to check out the articles I have written so far over there, and perhaps leave some comment love and let the folks there know that there are plenty of fans for articles about video game inspired music!

Here is a list of articles I have written so far for The Start Screen.

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! teaser track

I am glad to announce that we have a sweet but short feast for everyone's eyes and ears in regards to our forthcoming Super Mario RPG compilation Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! We have some preview art for the compilation, which you can see to the left! I also present you with our first teaser, which includes six songs from the compilation. Enjoy, and spread the word!

Download Link: Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch teaser

This preview includes clips from the following tracks, in order
CygnosiC - Barrel Volcano
Videogame Orchestra - Rose Town
Girlz Melon - Sad Song
The OneUps - Booster Tower
Matheus Manente - The Starlight's Flower
Dan Park - Bring the Hammer Down (I am the King)

Special thanks to Hex Warrior for helping me out with the teaser, Alex Atchley and for hosting, and Leo of Push Start for the epic art!
More Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! related info through this link.

Hex announces top ten of 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007, nerds collectively leave edge of seat.

Hex Warrior has finally put an end to his list of greatest nerd artists of 2007, lucky for him I have been too entrenched in Advance Wars Days of Ruin to argue with this final list of his. If you still have the strength to argue though, head over to his myspace blog and read the final top ten nerd acts of 2007!

Prime cuts in the top ten in my opinion, The OneUps, who are always awesome, and did have one insanely stellar year in 2007, finally getting recognized for the musical geniuses they are. Not to mention Armcannon, who have been tearing everything up in the hard rocking way that only they could, as well as their insanely most awesome new album Legvacuum. If you feel the need to be mad about more than ten bands though, always remember to check out the other three installments of Hex's 100 artist countdown.

VGM Related Musical Cheer!

Just wanted to hit you folks with a few festive christmas links for thoes aching to hear holiday tunes, but can't pull yourself away from good old VG inspired music.

First off. 8 Bit Collective has a thread going with some great Christmas songs. Check that out through this link.

Next up, the Gamewave Podcast has put together their latest show, which is completely dedicated to the holidays as well. So head over to and grab their latest episode!

Speaking of excellent podcasts with holiday themes. Also be sure to check out Hipster Please's latest episode of Radio Free Hipster for some holiday nerdcore and more (that rhymes!).

DJ RoboRob has released a Christmas EP which is worth downloading, you can grab that over at his myspace page.

The Oneups made an excellent rendition of Mario and Christmas themes entitled Super Mario Sleigh Ride. You can download it for free off of The OneUps website.

Check out Animal Style's page for plenty of excellent Christmas chiptunes.

Speaking of Christmas chiptunes, Eric Chiptunes also has some holiday cheer on his Myspace page, so check that out as well.

Hope this helps you get in the holiday spirit! and maybe sneak a few of these songs in at any christmas parties you happen to be at!

Penny Arcade Expo

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Penny Arcade Expo. It was my first time attending and I was pleasantly surprised. This was one of the best conventions I have ever attended.

Going into the exhibit hall on the first day, I was most excited to give Rock Band a try. Not only did I get to rock out on a game that I'm really looking forward to, but I got to do it up on stage with some other great gamers. I had a chance to play bass. Being accustomed to the Guitar Hero guitar, this new style took me a minute to get used to. Rather than the buttons being on top of the frets, the buttons are the frets. Not having a raised button to feel my finger placement was a little tough, but I ended up liking it. It feels a little more natural when pressing down the fret, rather than pressing down a raised button. The game play, similar to Guitar Hero's style, was very easy to pick up on. There was one aspect, in particular, that I really liked about this game. If one of your band mates fails the song, then they sit out. Luckily for them, as a band, you can bring them back in. This gives you a chance to redeem yourself if you started off poorly.

For the two nights of PAX they had amazing concerts. The first night featured The OneUps, Optimus Rhyme, Freezepop, and Neskimos. The OneUps' set was awesome. They were unfamiliar to most of the crowd there and they made a ton of new fans. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed their sound. Optimus Rhyme was also great. His songs had catchy beats and made you want to dance. He also brought out special guests including MC Beefy, MC Broken English, and MC Frontalot. Freezepop rocked everyone's socks with their set. They said that this was one of the biggest shows they've played. They really enjoyed the atmosphere and you could tell they had a good time playing the show. Ending their set with "The Final Countdown" was a crowd favorite. The Neskimos finished up this concert strong. They had the crowd rocking out until the end. Their VG covers were well done and hard not to enjoy.

The second night of PAX concerts was just as amazing as the first. Opening up the set was Jonathan Coultan. There have never been so many DS's swaying in the air as during his set! The crowd loved him and it was a good way to start the second concert. MC Frontalot followed. I had such a good time watching him perform. His songs were hilarious. His style and dancing kept me laughing the whole time. Wrapping up the concert were The Minibosses. They had lots of fans in the crowd who were excited to see them play. Their metal covers of VG songs were fantastic. They were a perfect way to finish up two nights of amazing bands.

It was hard not to enjoy the Penny Arcade Expo. There was always something to do; whether it was listening to a panel, exploring the exhibit hall, or participating in a tournament. There was never a dull moment. This year's PAX was a ton of fun and I can't wait until next year's expo.

To see more videos and photos head over the the GM4A photobucket and check out the PAX 07 album!

William Sides Atari Party hits the road

This August 14th through the 25th William Sides Atari Party is hitting the road from his home state of Illinois all the way down to Texas and back again! WSAP will be performing with many awesome acts at stops along the way as well including Player Two, The OneUps, MC Router, Machrider and many more, not to mention his cohort Protman along for the ride.

Check out all the tour dates over at William Sides Atari Party's myspace page or the GM4A event calendar.

Music EXP Compilation Update 4

This update we have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new bands to announce for the compilation! First and foremost, is the amazing, brilliant, and endlessly inspiring band The OneUps. The OneUps are comprised of many individually incredible musicians, who have even been invited to rock PAX this August. Next up is the stellar artist Mustin, who makes amazing remixes for sites like OCRemix as well as being a musician for The OneUps and also being a huge influence on my own personal musical tastes. Next up are astounding Los Angeles based musicians The Megas, who are well known for their rockin' ballads of the Blue Bomber. Finally, hailing all the way from Greece, GM4A's great new pals, Videogame Orchestra, who gave us a very special song which we can not wait to debut. Are we excited yet? Yes, yes we are.

As always, now we consult THE LIST.

Band count so far:
8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
The Game Genies
The Lost Levels
The Megas
The OneUps
Player Two
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions
Videogame Orchestra
Year 200X

Stay tuned for more! We aren't done announcing new stuff just yet!
(For older Music EXP news click here)

Concerts This Weekend

A couple of good concerts this weekend. On Friday The Oneups are having their first show in quite some time in Fayetteville, AR for the low low price of $3! Saturday the 17th sees On and Off Superfast playing in Los Angeles, CA and Pixelh8 rocking the UK. Finally, concluding the weekend on Sunday is capitalSTEPS playing in Seattle, WA for the 21 and over crowd. For more shows coming up be sure to check out our events calendar, and enjoy the weekend!


So I updated the band list with band artists from # - A, so check that out. Also got a new link in the form of Chipcache, a label for some awesome chiptune artists like Animal Style and Acrodot. A sad moment for gaming music recently. The OneUps have broken up, but that loss comes with an upside. They are getting rid of their left over merchandise for low low prices if you head over to OneUp Studios. Also on a sad note, computer scientist Alan Kotok has passed away this week. A person who played an important role in the first computer game “Spacewar!” Bone up on your gaming history people!