Soaring synthwave and guitars from Humanity, by MYRONE

If you are in need of some 80's style synth with some epic wailing guitar work, well then you are in need of MYRONE my friend. Check out Humanity, his latest work that will get repeated plays as you cruise around in the car you might own, or maybe on the bus. All modes of travel will be much better with this blazing album.

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Robobok's synthwave soundtrack Gamers

Fall into the abyss

I recently ran across a red hot musician out of Mexico, Robobok, so I'm highlighting his latest album. Aptly named, Gamer, this is the soundtrack to a show called Gamer TV, at least I assume as much. Considering that the show is also based out of Mexico, and is, therefore, in spanish, I won't be able to partake of what magic the show itself may hold. 

This album on the other hand, has everything I need to understand it. Space themed chiptune instrumentals are a personal weakness of mine, and I can hardly ever say no. Robobok makes it harder than ever though with ominous themes like the haunting Dragon Core, or cavernous Mystic Orb.

Listen to SolarLune's original chiptune single Eevee


A spacey chip rock tribute to the highly adaptable Pokémon.

I am always glad to get a good earful of great new music. I was recently lamenting the lack of chiptunes I've been listening to lately, when I come across this incredible tribute to one of my favorite Pokemon (at least in several of its evolved forms).

It's easy to get swept up in the soaring synthwaves and killer drum loops. The track is available free via SolarLune's bandcamp page

Continuum Kingdom releases 16-bit inspired album 'Fantastic Revenge'

Retro synthwave post-rock inspired by 16-bit video games.

The duo of Glen Walker and Travis Thomas, better known as Continuum Kingdom, return. Their latest album, Fantastic Revenge, is more of that ominous adventuring feel that I loved so much on their debut album Adventure Forever.  Unlike their debut album, which I described as something akin to sailing over an 8-bit ocean, Fantastic Revenge takes a more entombing tone.

Fantastic Revenge lands somewhere between the haunting musical spectrums of the more dissonant sounds of classic Castlevania and the Mother/Earthbound series. The foreboding mood rarely leaves the album, creating an ambient yet imposing mood, as if being walled in from all sides. This gives the majority of the album an adventurous, dungeon-crawling vibe.

Tracks like "Golden River" and "Pyramid Subterannea" really drive the cave raiding mood home. The former sounds like the emotions one would have when finding an underground oasis / save point deep inside the earth. My personal favorite track is the deep and ominous theme "Dark Rider." This track just seems to step a bit heavier than the rest of the album, which really captures the energetic drums and synths as they rise and fall. If CK performs live, this is the song I need to see happen.

The album closes with the lengthy "Never Ending," a track that kicks off like a distant doomsday warning before fading out in a wave of fuzz that reveals the instrumentals full form. A spacey, soaring track that is thematically very different from much of the claustrophobia inducing album. Does this song signal a death, or even a rebirth for the unnamed adventurer this album is about? Maybe this song just sounded best at the end of the album, because it most certainly does. A final blare of synth sirens announce the close of this track, and the album.

Make sure you have some quality headphones (honestly, a requisite if you subscribe to this blog), or crank that surround sound up, because Fantastic Revenge holds some surprising nuance within the glitches and fuzz that permeate the edges of the album. If you enjoy classic RPG soundtracks, synthwave, and/or chill ambient electronic rock, then grab Fantastic Revenge free (or name-your-price) from the Continuum Kingdom bandcamp page.