Fat Bard's adventurous chiptune soundtrack to indie game Blitz Breaker

Play video game. Listen to soundtrack to video game I've never played. Some decisions I thought I would never have to make. Check out the wonderful Blitz Breaker OST by Fat Bard. Don't ask me what the game is about though, I don't even have a steam account. get off my back. Old school! (That's my excuse at least.)

The OST is a grand fusion of chiptune styles, from the high flying dance off of opening title track Blitz Breaker, through to more ominous adventure fare like Baby Steps and TESS. The one constant is the ever rolling sounds of action and adventure.

The soundtrack for Blitz Breaker, composed by Fat Bard, features all of the music created for the game full remastered along with a few remixes. Over an hour of awesome for your ears.

MIDI For All:
We’re also including the MIDI files for EVERY SONG IN THE GAME so anyone that wants to make a remix will have all the notes we used. Just import the MIDI into your audio software and go at it! Here’s a link to download the MIDI files:

About the Game:
Blitz Breaker is a simple, accessible twitch platformer with one small change: Your character can’t run.

Play as an adorable little robot named Blitz, where your goal is to escape the factory you were built in. The problem is that it seems like everything is trying to break you! That is, with the exception of Chip: A friendly computer helper who is totally your friend!

— Fat Bard