Shmup chiptune album INSERT vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER by Prof. Sakamoto

After mentioning the latest in the Prof. Sakamoto Insert series of chiptune albums, I thought I'd go back and mention INSERT Vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER. This album is based exclusively on shmups and that is great.

his album is a concept album. Using sound chips of NES and Gameboy, Professor Sakamoto made a soundtrack of virtual retro shooting game “Solar Soldier”.
— Pro. Sakamoto

'BLUE VIDEO ROMANCE' A gritty chiptune assault by Comptroller

Grimey, shmup inspired, cyberpunk beats

It's been a long time since I heard that beautiful glitched out grime that made me a fan of Comptroller and his former group Beats of Rage a few years ago.

4 dense strikes inspired by early exposure to ill-contextualised exotic cultural imports (i.e. encountering 80s anime & NTSC-J games without a proper frame of reference or easy access to the Internet) and the resulting damage; plus a sweet remix by Matt Nida.

All tracks slowly crafted on a PSP running LittleGPTracker in bad dark frenzies 2014/15. Glory to the Pig.

Lemon No Yume is an ugly re-interpretation of PSY・S’ beautiful Lemon No Yuuki. Everything else conceived & combined by Comptroller.
— Comptroller