New Metroid Metal track posted

Stemage of Metroid cover project, Metroid Metal has just posted up a new track - a massive, swirling cover of Downed Frigate from Metroid Prime. Go check it out over at the Metroid Metal MySpace page or through

In fact, while you're over at, grab yourself a cut-price t-shirt, and a seriously sweet ZIP of live Metroid Metal tracks, recorded at Magfest earlier this year. Also, stay tuned for a "huge announcment" coming soon from Stemage...

Anamanaguchi offer Dawn Metropolis preview CDs and t-shirts

If you just can't wait until March 3rd to hear Dawn Metropolis and you have a space in your wardrobe that needs filling, have Anamanaguchi got a deal for you!

The band are selling a limited run of preview CDs to tide fans over until Dawn Metropolis is available, each disc featuring 3 new Anamanaguchi tracks. You can buy the CD along with a t-shirt with the Dawn Metropolis skyline design for $20, or just the CD or shirt for $5 and $18 respectively.

Head on over to to purchase what I believe is the band's first physical CD release (someone correct me if I'm wrong). You'll no doubt be able to sell these on eBay for a prepostorous amount in years to come!

Also, the band have started blogging at

New Year 200X shirts for sale now!

East coast rockers Year 200X has recently released some epic metal shirts to help with their release of We Are Error, their debut album. The shirts, designed by Leo Camacho sport both that VG and Metal flavors you love, and in three colors no less. So those of you who prefer to step out in all black can have yours, while those who like a bit of color (like me) can hit the town in a spiffy red or beige number (I picked the red one by the way). Check out the designs below, and be sure to order one from the Year 200X myspace page or their latest blog!

(click on the images for higher resolution)

The Megas - Get Equipped album release

There is just no end to the amazing albums getting released lately. This time Los Angeles natives The Megas have finally released their long awaited album Get Equipped which has spent a year in the making. The release is available for digital download as well as pre-orders for the physical copy, which includes a digital download copy so you don't even have to wait! The digital download copy is going for $10 while the physical album + digital download is going for the same $10 plus a $3 S&H fee. Both purchases can be made via their newly redesigned website. Also worth mentioning is they have some new awesome shirt designs coming soon too.

I'm personally partial to the arm gun design, since it clearly illustrates my lifelong dream of replacing this useless arm for a very awesome gun. Their shirts are set to be available early February, so be sure to keep checking their site for details. goes live

Just today, the Protomen website has debuted. The debut brings with it an awesome new music video from the band, as well as the ability to pre-order their newest release where "Makeup and Vanity Set takes an 8-Bit hammer of justice to the sounds of The Protomen." The album is eight tracks long, and comes in a bundle with a Protomen shirt for the price of $20. Check out the video and place your orders at

Year 200X "Get these guys to VA3!" Sale

I think it's best to just let the folks from Year 200X talk about their fantastic sale.

"For a limited time, we're putting our merch on sale to help finance our trip to Pennsylvania for Video Armageddon 3. If you haven't gotten any merch yet, now's the time! Right now our Mega Man T-shirts are only $10 (inside US), which includes shipping, a free sticker, and a free DEMO. Demos by themselves are only $3, shipping and all.

For more info, or to order, check out our myspace page! Help us get to PA, and help us get into the studio and record our debut full length!

Take care all.
-Tim and Y2KX

PS, thanks so much to everyone who's bought merch so far. It really helps, we appreciate the support!"

To get in on this fantastic sale, and look as good as the fine lady pictured above, head on over to!


Entertainment System has new shirts for sale, going for $15. You can order them from their site, or by going to

(Entertainment System shirt design)

Revy has a new song on his site, a remix of Player Two's track, Counter Couture, the song will also be featured on his upcoming EP "Outdoor Adventures EP" which will be released by Betamod.
The Flight Orchestra has recently finished his newest album. The Military of Fatima, it will consist of eleven tracks. Track listing is as follows.

fatimas march
i feel as if i am wearing the same clothes
how fast the fast fast with trepidation
bbbbauutifulll white flags
win one for the endless empire empire and the neverending day
the haunt

TFO also has a new website coming soon at
Push Start is interviewed on Game Music Radio. To listen in, head on over to and ”Listen Now” to the latest episode of The Next Level.
Also, remember to continue to check on the events section. We are constantly updating and adding new events.


Entertainment System has some live music from the big 8 Bit Genocide show they did last month. head over to their page to listen in. You can also check out some live 8 Bit Genocide footage in our media section which was done by 2 Player Productions for their upcoming VGM documentary. Even more about 8 Bit Gencoide can be found on the VGDJ podcast episode #45.
Tin Soldier Empire has a great shirt deal going on until the 10th of this month where in if you purchase the TSE shirt for $15 you also get 10 stickers, an autographed TSE show flyer, as well as a copy of their “Don’t Be a Dick” album all free. so be sure to check out their site and take advantage of this great offer!

(choose from these two shirt designs)

Transmitting End has some new tunes in the works so we’ll keep you up to date on that.
And finally, new show, tonight, free, is 8-Bit playing at Mr. T’s Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. So if you are looking for something to do tonight, there it is.


It’s Sonic’s 15th Anniversary this year. a fact that I’m sure makes quite a few of us feel a bit over the hill. Anyway, for those of us who enjoy our Sonic, you can pick up an official papercraft PDF made by Sonic Team. It’s a Papercraft of the first stage of Sonic The Hedgehog, so have at it Sega fans. Also if anyone winds up making this thing I’d love to see a picture of it.

(right click the picture to download the PDF)

We’ve also got some more new artwork thanks to Leo from Push Start. Banners and wallpapers, it’s all new! If anyone else is bored and wants to whip up some artwork for us, please do so, we’ll definitely post it here!

(New artwork)

Finally in music news, more shirts coming your way thanks to Year 200X and This Place is Haunted. You can pick up the shirts at Year 200X’s site at $12 for all sizes except XX Large which is going for $14 plus $2.50 S&H. This Place is Haunted is selling off their shirts, Youth-XXL for $10. Just email with the subject “shirts” to

ln more This Place is Haunted news, head on over to their site to find three brand new songs from their upcoming album "Everything You Know is Wrong". They are all free downloads.


Gamewave Podcast have their second show up now, definitely check them out. and if you have iTunes be sure to subscribe to it.
Free Fourth of July show Stars and Bits Forever in Brooklyn, New York. Starring Random, Mark Denardo, and Anamanaguchi.

Armcannon Also has some new shows coming up in New York on July 14th and 29th. Armcannon, as well as TypeA have some new shirt designs for sale as well. With Armcannon’s shirt going for $10 at shows and online store sales coming soon afterwards. TypeA’s shirts will be selling for $15 and must be contacted for purchases.

(Armcannon and TypeA t-shirt designs)

X Unit 17 has four all new video game remixes up including a personal favorite of mine, the battle theme from Golden Sun. Also songs from Mega Man X, X2 and 5. Moogle Charm has released a new song you can download entitled The Hare and Hounds.
In more touring news, Nintendo has decided to take their newest handheld, the DS Lite on the road, you can found out more information at Nintendo’s Official site.
Chiptune artist Animal Syle has been featured on for his 8 Bit Fuzz Pedal mod, just head on over to, go to Feature Artists and check out Joey Mariano.
Temp Sound Solutions is running one sweet deal right now. Here’s the info straight from him, ”I've got a bunch of copies of Now Youre Playing With Powar 1-2 and copies of 5 left, not so many of 3 and 4, but i need to sell these cd's i printed up, so for the next week, if you guys want, you can go to my webpage and order NYPWP 5, my 70 song video game cover CD, and get THREE CD's for $6, if you order them between now and Saturday..of course if you feel so inclined you can give a few extra bucks for shipping or whatever, but the 3 cd's for $6 rule applies until the end of the month. To clarify, if you want to get copies of NYPWP, NYPWP 2, and NYPWP 5, for $ is the time. until the end of the month. Paypal only. just click on the link on the webpage, and you have to make sure you say "YARRRRR" in the misc info field.” -Temp Sound Solutions

P.S. Corey and Jake have been on vacation the past couple days, and should be back soon. I hope you guys had a great time!