Listen to OCReMix 'La Samba de Agua' from the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game by Mustin

Back when I first heard of OverClocked Remix, I decided to grab every Mario song I could and slap them on a CD. Evidently it was early enough in OCR's history that the entire selection of Mario songs wasn't more than 80 minutes of music. Within that collection of songs was Mustin's phenomenal live arrangement of the oft overlooked world map music from World 3: Ocean Side.

To this day, this track remains one of my favorite Mustin arrangements, and OCReMix releases.

I also love that I don't have to state the name of the song, because the song does so itself!

ReMixer: Mustin

• Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo, 1988, NES)
• ReMixer(s): Mustin
• Composer(s): Koji Kondo
• Song(s): 'World 3 Map'
• Posted: 2001-04-19, evaluated by djpretzel