This Week in VGM #006: PAX East special

This Week in VGM

Welcome to the sixth episode of This Week in VGM, a weekly podcast of news and music from the video game inspired music community. This week we take a look back at PAX East and all the video game music therein. We take a look at GM4A's album IWADON, listen to some classic tracks from disasterPEACE, and new ones from A_Rival. We also have an exclusive interview with the man behind Sunken Colony, an upcoming tribute album to Starcraft, and much more. Be sure to listen in!

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IWADON: An Unsung Hero of Game Music panel at PAX East

If you are in boston for PAX East right now, be sure to check out our panel coming up at 4:30pm in the jamspace room! I'll be updating this post once the thread is through with some pictures and maybe even audio from our panel as soon as I can! Until then see if you can catch me wandering around pax and if you are a vg inspired musician we can do an interview!

See you all at PAX!

Currently in Boston for PAX East

I am typing this while onboard a flight to Boston, MA for the first Penny Arcade Expo East convention. So by the time I have a chance to post this I should have touched down and started preperations for the festival. I hope to be bringing folks plenty of news, interviews, and more from the vg inspired music world all weekend. Also I'll be giving my own informative panel alongside Jeriaska of about the recently unveiled album IWADON. Speaking of which I hope you have headed over to the compilation's main site and given the album a good listen, along with helping spread the word via facebook and twitter. The panel itself will focus on the amazing artists who helped contribute to the collection of music, as well as the person we pay tribute to as well, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. The panel will take place at 4:30pm in the jamspace area on Friday (tomorrow).

Well that is all I have to report for now, but as I said, be on the lookout for more random posts by me this weekend!