Listen to Frog & Cid's Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time medley of Song of Healing & Lost Woods

A while back, the VGM duo Frog & Cid were kind enough to share this track from their debut album of VGM rearrangements, Boss Chamber Music. The Frog & Cid arrangement starts off appropriately slow, letting each note rise and fall up until the Skull Kid's sudden appearance. The mood shifts quickly into the upbeat sounds of Lost Woods, and seems to careen out of control up until the end. Be sure to grab this track an the full Boss Chamber Music album for approximately $10 from LoudriTunesSpotify, and/or Google Play.

JacksonImprov performs live video game piano medley in honor of Satoru Iwata

Thank you for coming to the open mic tonight. For those who know or not, Nintendo president Mr. Satoru Iwata passed away yesterday. Because he had such a profound impact on gamers like myself, I’ll be doing a video game set on piano.

*holds up glass*

This is for you. May you never fall off the Rainbow Road.
— JacksonImprov

Watch as Claire Plays an Ocarina of Time Medley on piano

A beautiful medley of songs from the also beautiful Claire W. of the PrettyPrettyPianist Youtube. The songs are from a pillar of gaming perfection, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. This medley is only five minutes long but travels throughout Hyrule with precise, flowing rhythms. This is just one of many amazing piano renditions available on her youtube page.

All of what you see on my channel is played by ear unless otherwise noted :) A medley of 8 songs from LOZ: OOT which in my opinion is the pinnacle of game music scoring. I want to be your best friend if you can name all 8.