A loving tribute to the music of Yasunori Mitsuda in 'Piano Collections: Chrono Trigger' by Trevor Gomes

The debut game soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda is still considered one of the greatest in video game history. Trevor Gomes pays tribute to some of the memorable themes from the 20 year old SNES game.

“The Chrono Trigger Piano Collection takes the same sort of pristine, crafted quality of the Final Fantasy Piano Collections to a beloved classic that had not yet been explored on the piano to such an extent. The vibrance and creativity of Chrono Trigger translates to a piano album that is dynamic and versatile, with a fusion of classical, jazz, rock, Japanese pop and more, but in such a way that feels organic and essential. Each track has been carefully selected to create the most complete picture of the game possible in ten tracks.

While the arrangements have been written to give a sort of new life to the originals, at the heart of the Chrono Trigger Piano Collection is the desire to honor its source material and fill its listeners with the same bittersweet nostalgia that the game so immediately evokes.” - Trevor Gomes
— Materia Collective