Listen to OCReMix track NBA Jam 'From Downtown' by ktriton, Mustin & Steve Lella

Image via  SB Nation  

Image via SB Nation 

I've had a hankering for NBA Jam as I always do during the best moments of NBA season, and NBA Christmas is one of them. As always, OverClocked ReMix delivers with an absolutely on fire remix from OCReMix's big three, ktriton, Mustin, and Steve Lella (all of which also appeared on the absolutely stunning Bound Together album). 

I plan to play this song in lieu of watching commercials during most of the NBA games today. OCR needs to get this track in the hands of some arena DJs, They already play Super Mario and Sonic noises in a couple stadiums, this tune should be jamming in arenas during every time out.

Get pumped!

(Also someone mash this up with the Space Jam theme please.)

ReMixers: ktriton, Mustin, Steve Lella

• Game: NBA Jam (Acclaim, 1994, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): Mustin, Steve Lella, ktriton
• Composer(s): Jon Hey
• Song(s): 'Choose Your NBA Team'
• Posted: 2010-10-15, evaluated by djpretzel