Gamewave Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 of the Gamewave Podcast features music this week from The Depreciation Guild, The Twilight Division, Desert Planet, Lawrence Power, seal of quality, Electro Static Discharge, arcadecoma. and Shnabubula. Ch-Check It Out!


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Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 2 album release

To celebrate the launch of Pterodactyl Squad we present the Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 2! Featuring a selection of artists from the podcast, this 2nd compilation once again showcases the many sounds of original video game style music, something for which the Gamewave Podcast is now famous. Either a great introduction to the scene, or just another load of awesome tunes!

This is one of the first five releases and re-releases coming from the brand new Pteradactyl Squad netlabel. Definitely some great music and a healthy mix of styles from Phlogiston, ArcadeComa, Electro Static Discharge, Spheres of Chaos, Disasterpeace and more. Also, as with everything coming from Ptera Squad, the compilation is completely free. So head over to Pteradactyl Squad's site and hit the releases section to get a hold of this compilation. And if you haven't, grab the equally amazing Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 1, which is also up on the site!

Oh yeah, and subscribe to the Gamewave Podcast of course!

ESD Returns FTW

Electro Static Discharge is back, after a brief hiatus. They rocked JamSpace during MAGFest VI, and now return to myspace with their a new lineup and soon new songs. Check out their new myspace at and get reacquainted with their amazing music! Also check out highlights from their JamSpace performance below.

ESD - Chrono Tripper

ESD - Avant Guardian

Mega Twerp relaunch!

Mega Twerp, the awesome video game music netlabel is now back online! The site has undergone a redesign and, as well as being home to artists such as lutin, Electro Static Discharge, Disastertron, Phlogiston and Spheres of Chaos, the new release from Player Two is now available from MT.

Here's a blurb from the site which explains the Mega Twerp ethos:

"Sometime in the year 200x our history was lost. We are still searching for it. All we can tell you is that we bring you a great selection of Video Game Music. Every "Sub-Genre" is welcome to this site wether you like chiptunes, theme remixes and covers, video game metal, progressive, IDM-style, chip and bass, chip hop, pop, and even bebop. You get the picture. We think there are too many of these "Sub-Genres" and thought it'd be great to have all these styles under on totally awesome netlabel!"

Go, go, go!

Turrican 3 / Electro Static Discharge News

Here's some news. Straight from the mouth of amazing chiptunist Spamtron!
"This is Spamtron from the 16-bit vg-metal band, Electro Static Discharge! Our band just put together another music video! This one is for a cover of the classic Amiga game Turrican 3:

I also wanted to let you know about our current band lineup. It consists of the following, in order of joining us:

Spamtron - vocals, composition, production, guitar, technical wizardry
Simiankolya - (good friend of mine, also from the band Dagger of the Mind) guitar, vocals, keyboard
Lurker (multi-instrumentalist and good friend of ours) - bass, drums, vocals
Hassaneutral - (good friend of mine, has worked on a lot of Spamtron videos) video editing, technical wizardry, filming of shows
Riders - (videogame musician and good friend of ours) Online studio musician (since he's from Canada), chiptune assistance, consulting
Ashane - (vidoegame musician and good friend of ours) guitar, keyboard, mixing, technical wizardry

We're going to be playing several shows in Portland, Oregon this Spring, Summer, and so on. By the way, we recently played a successful basement show at the Simmhut. The audience got pwned!"
- Spamtron

You can find ESD's first album at the currently under construction


Spamtron and his "dewds" put together a music video for the song Badicality. It has copyright infringemint all over it, but who cares. Awesome is awesome. The song is from Spamtron and Electro Static Discharge's album entitled Triple Screen and is available over at the currently under construction Megatwerp. It's a free download so don't miss out!