This post is brought to you by the number 7

Like most other people I normally skip this kinda stuff, but since Anthony tagged me on a blog I write for I think it would be rude not to rise to the challenge. I will have to bend the rules slightly though, as I can't think of 7 other nerdy blogs to link to after Z. and Anthony's tags. But I'm not gonna let that stop you learning 7 juicy facts about your second favourite GM4A writer!

  1. Most people will probably know all of this first fact, but to start off: I'm pretty involved with the video game music scene.  I play drums in Spheres of Chaos, host the Gamewave Podcast AND run a netlabel called Pterodactyl Squad, as well as writing on here.  Beat that!
  2. Despite the fact that I'm British, I currently reside on an artificial island in Kobe, Japan.  I'm doing a study year abroad as part of my Japanese degree, so I'm gonna be here until August.  I'm not yet sure whether I'll be coming back after my degree is over.  Probably not.
  3. When I was born my parents didn't give me a middle name, so I got to choose it when I was baptised.  I chose 'Elliott', like the name of the boy in E.T., 'cos I love that movie.  My full name is Joseph Elliott Allen.
  4. I have a fairly large traditional Japanese-style tattoo which is based on a famous piece of art called the The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  Where?  You'll have to guess...
  5. I'm really interested in the various decades of the 20th century and the pop culture that accompanied each one.  The fashions, the music, the TV shows, the cars, and how they all changed is constantly fascinating to me.  Currently, my favourite decades are the 1950s and the 1980s.
  6. I need copious amounts of sleep to function, and the amount I need seems to be increasing with age.  I'm slightly worried.
  7. My bedroom back in the UK is painted in the colour scheme of the NES.  Grey walls, red skirting boards and black carpet.  And my bed is a giant NES cart.  (Part of this fact is untrue) 

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