Super Metroid Memories, a drama + arrange tribute album by Hyde209


I'm a fan of words, for those who may not know. So an album of not just Super Metroid music, but also an SM dramatic reading? Cameos by some incredible VG musicians? The bandcamp page even has lyrics! This album hits me in all the right places. 

The album takes Super Metroid fans on a trip back to Zebes as Samus Aran retells her story of visiting the ruined and dangerous world in search of the last metroid. 

Besides the excellently done narration, the album hosts a ton of remixed music from Super Metroid. These metroid rearrangements are a diverse set, with electronic, metal, and symphonic sounds all collide. These tracks heavily reinforce the Super Metroid mood you will quickly find yourself in once you hit play. 

I personally love the perilously metal "Intergalactic Warrior" and not just for the Mutherpluckin' B cameo. The track features amazing production values and not only reminds me of the Super Metroid playing of my youth, but also the large volumes of metal music I consumed during my teenage years. It all combines into one intense, but not over the top track that any metal fan will love.

The entire 18 track album is available free and learn the full story via Hyde209's bandcamp page.

Dark Sness cover Legend of Zelda's Death Mountain

I love metal, I love symphony, and most of all I love Legend of Zelda. Combine all that and you have this epic metal symphonic rearrangement of the classic Darkworld theme from Legend of Zelda Link to the Past performed by Dark Sness Philharmonic out of Chile.

Ya esta disponible "The Mystical Age Of Snes" disco debut de Dark Sness -Philharmonic Project, descargalo en este link Buscanos en facebook/darksness philharmonic Saludos!!!