genoboost reviews 1982 arcade classic BurgerTime

genoboost reviews 1982 arcade classic BurgerTime

As a child of roughly kindergarten age at the opening of the 90s, I spent much of my time playing video games. At that age, I understood that there were two types of games, platform games, and puzzle games. That was all we owned, so that was all I played. In that narrow field of vision I came across a classic arcade game. It was BurgerTime.

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Counting down my top seven Hideki Naganuma tracks

#4 "Let it Go from Ollie King

A hip hop inspired, arcade only track.

As with most things I love, through sheer force of nerdery I end up falling in love with things that are just a tad too niche, even for retrogamers or VGM fans. Due to this, finding more of what i enjoy so much is a trying endeavor to say the least.

Such has been the story of my love and fascination with Hideki Naganuma. his music has been a huge influence for me in falling in love with sample heavy mixes and mashups. Naganuma's soundtracks have also had a clear influence on what I expect out of game soundtracks to this day.

If it was several years ago, this list would have been nothing but music from Ollie King and the JSR series, luckily the internet has seen fit to host so many more Naganuma songs to those of us seeking them out. 

As for the track, "Let it Go" is more of that signature sample heavy, hip hop and DJ influenced style that made him number one in my heart. This song is a great place to start with when digging into Naganuma's music. This is definitely a banger and I am clearly partial to the heavy hip hop sampling in this track. Ah crap, I forgot to vote for any characters from JSR in the Smash Bros ballot...

Watch Sega Sound Team Band perform Space Harrier at Game Music Festival '91


I was wisened up to this awesome old video of live music from Space Harrier by twitter user and fellow VGM lover @KeenanW.

I'm a big fan of video game music history just as much as video game history in general so I am always glad to see something like this preserved on the internet. Not to mention this is a pretty great song.

Sega Sound Team Live From SST Band ~Live History~ DVD.

Watch T.U.R.T.L.E. Power music video by nerdcore rappers Mega Ran x Klopfenpop


Great video game based music video for the recent single T.U.R.T.L.E. Power, from nerdcore hip hop artists Mega Ran and Klopfenpop. The video even includes lyrics so you can rap along!

Appears as a bonus track on the album "The Call: 8 Bit Edition" 

Download the song here.

Purchase full album here.

Sprite Animation and edits by Tron Bonne Art

Footage is property of Konami, inc. 

Lyrics and Song are a remake of "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" by Partners-N-Kryme. 

Beat by Klopfenpop

Listen to chiptune track FUCK YEAH RACE CARS by Glenntai


I never truly enjoyed racing games until F-Zero and the Mode 7 graphics of the SNES made me feel as if the car was actually turning rather than the road curving towards it in some strange isometric nightmare. Despite that, I stil love the golden age arcade sounds of games such as Rally X and Pole Position, not to mention I simply love a good instrumental to race to, thanks to games like the aforementioned F-Zero.

Going beyond old school in a review of 1982 Namco arcade game Bosconian

I recently wrote an article taking a look at the forgotten arcade classic Bosconian.

Bosconian is a multi-directional, space invaders style arcade game produced by Namco over thirty years ago. It's hard to believe such an innovative game could have been so forgotten, but here we are. In researching the article, I even found a severe lack of any kind of Bosconian related fan art. This game truly is a gaping hole of unknowledge, threatening all those who dare seek knowledge of it. Or maybe it just wasn't a very memorable game, especially on western shores.

Check out the article now up on Game N Train and learn all about the history, gameplay, and my own personal pet peeves about Bosconian.

Stemage - Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness) album release

After almost thirty years, doctors have yet to come up with a cure for Marble Madness. Stemage gathers his friends to lament spherical fever in this seven song album. Along with musical geniuses such as xoc, housethegrate, and more, it may truly be, that all great artists have some form of marble madness...

Classic Arcade Sounds archive

Now here's something really cool, and 27 years in the making. Beginning in 1982, a boy and his friend had the idea of recording a library of sounds down at their local arcade using a humble cassette recorder. They made recordings up until 1988, before the tapes were stored, and then re-discovered in 1997, whereupon the audio was converted to a digital format and is now available to browse on this guy's site,

Experience the magic and the wonder of the early years of coin-op video games. Hear the classic arcade ambience like you haven't heard it in over a quarter of a century! The blend of several video games being played simultaneously, the kids yelling and the quarters clanking. We will never hear such beautiful chaos quite the same way again....

It's really interesting to hear the different music and sound effects from all the old arcade classics, as well as the voices of the kids playing the games, and all the other ambient noise to be found at an arcade during the 1980s.

This guy also has a formiddable collection of video game flyers which are available to peruse.

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Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball

"A fascinating story of technology and obsolescence, TILT manages to be many things: a tale of innovation, a business case study, a nostalgia trip, a story of personality and passion, of unlikely teamwork and cooperation in a workplace traditionally driven by ego. It's a tale of bold success dizzyingly followed by stunning failure.

Featuring interviews with legends of the pinball industry and captivating animation, TILT is an irresistible film for anyone interested not just in pinball, but in the march of technology and the corporate machinations that can sometimes make success all but impossible." From

Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball is releasing March 2007. You can find more info and pre-order this movie at their official site

Originally found via Minnesota Pinball