Gamewave Podcast Episode 34

II stepped up to help out the Gamewave Podcast, meaning that all episodes are now back online, including brand new Episode 34 released today, with music from Bit Shifter, Seal of Quality, Astral Buddy, NESMETAL, Chromelodeon and Goto80.

Unfortunately, the VGM Megacast are still without web hosting, so if you can help out in any way get in touch at contact at vgmmegacast dot com.

Return of the VGM Megacast

After a two month break the VGM Megacast returns to bring you once again only the most awesome video game cover music. This show's featured artist is Entertainment System but Tim and Tony also spin tracks from Metroid Metal, The Kode Secret, Vomitron, Shawn Phase and Alex Mauer, This Place Is Haunted, MegaDriver and Powerglove!

Check out the website over at or subscribe to the feed -

Gamewave Megacast #1

The Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast have joined forces to bring the internet the Gamewave Megacast #1! This show is a must-listen for all fans of video game music, combining the "best in original video game style music" with "only the most awesome video game covers". Join Joe, Mike, Tim and Tony as they discuss UK and American culture and play music from artists such as Anamanaguchi, The Advantage, Ozma, Metroid Metal, Spheres of Chaos and Year 200X. Check out the VGM Megacast site and feed or

Final Gamewave Podcast Episode...For A While

The Gamewave Podcast have just released Episode 28 of their video game music show, and it’s the last episode featuring host Mike! The podcast is taking a break over the summer before uniting with video games blog 8bit Hero! to create an epic hybrid podcast of video game talk and music. But the GWPC leaves on a high, playing awesome music from the new netlabels Mega Twerp and II. Artists featured include disasterPEACE, Phlogiston, Temp Sound Solutions, Lutin, and Spamtron. Check it all out at

The podcast is also accepting artist and listener submitted shows over the summer break, so if you’re interested please get in touch with the show. And stay tuned to the VGM Megacast feed for the super show which the hosts of the Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast will be releasing soon.

GM4A featured website on VGM Megacast!

VGM Megacast has released episode 7 of their fantastic podcast. In this most recent of episodes they bestowed upon us the high honor of making us FEATURED WEBSITE! Thanks go out to Tim and Tony for the excellent plug as well as playing all the best VGM cover bands! Keep up the hard work guys, and be sure to keep those bears away!

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at this link.

New Episodes of Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast

This weekend the folks over at Gamewave Podcast as well as the guys at VGM Megacast have come out with new episodes. Be sure to listen in if you haven't already gotten in on these two great shows.

Gamewave Podcast just released their 21st episode, this one with Joe Allen flying solo.

VGM Megacast is at episode number 4 and are getting better with every pod they cast.