Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special (Anamanaguchi, Nordloef)

So the Gamewave Podcast are keeping to their schedule of one show every two weeks and have just released a corker of a show! It features interviews with Anamanaguchi, Nordloef, Comptroller and Ultrasyd, as well as some choice chiptune cuts. There's also lots of recap from the huge SuperByte Festival 2013, which took place in Manchester last weekend. SuperByte Festival 2013 poster

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Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special by Joe E. Allen on Mixcloud

(And this is the old video Pete from Anamanaguchi mentions in the interview)

SuperByte 2012

event flyer SuperByte 2012 is set to be the UK's biggest chiptune festival and in its inaugural year is taking place on September 1st at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester.

As well as a full day of chiptune acts, there'll be console gaming, film screenings and an after party to finish with. Tickets are £10 and more information can be found on the official website or Facebook event page.

The guys behind SuperByte 2012 have also put together a podcast to preview the event, and it's available in the Gamewave Podcast feed, or over at the Gamewave Podcast website as Episode 56!

Here's the lineup:

DUBMOOD (Marseilles, France) HENRY HOMESWEET (London, UK) SUPERPOWERLESS (Leeds, UK) CHIPZEL (Strabane, Northern Ireland) DEADBEATBLAST (Toronto, Canada) HARLEYLIKESMUSIC (Sheffield, UK) B-TYPE (Sunderland, UK) _ENSNARE_ (Leamington, UK) FRAGILE CHAOS (Edinburgh, UK) X CRITICAL STRIKE X (Middlesbrough, UK) SKIN WALKER (Manchester, UK)

March Band of the Month!

They've just released a new EP, so Band of the Month for March 2008 is video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Here's a little more about them:

"Formed in high school in 2005, Spheres of Chaos is Michael Cook, Alex Fenwick, Joe Heffer and Joe Allen - 4 dudes combining a love for video games and rock music. Taking their name from a space shooter for the Acorn Archimedes, SoC utilise guitars, bass, drums and 8-bit sampling, playing live shows around their hometown of Sheffield. The band write original music that embodies the feel of video games, as well as playing the occasional video game cover. "

You can download the new EP, Stratospheria at Pterodactyl Squad for free.

"Embark on a new quest in Stratospheria, the second release from video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Set off at the breakneck speed of Twilight To Midnight, before moving into the brooding saga of The Citadel; then marvel at the power of the Megafauna, before voyaging upward in Skyward. Spanning styles and sentiments, a journey of adventure, imagination and story-telling awaits."

Also, look out for a Spheres of Chaos track on the upcoming GM4A compilation Here Comes A New Challenger.

Chiptune Alliance Tour!

We recently received a distress call from a chiptune organization in need!!
GM4A justice force, GO!!

and here is the email:

"Hi Guys,
I'm organizing a tour for the last week of September across the UK with the
following artists:
*USK from Fukuoka, Japan
*MARU from Fukuoka, Japan
*CALIS from Falköping, Sweden
*SABREPULSE from Aberdeen, Scotland

plus local support from the following artists on certain dates:

*FIREBRAND BOY from Glasgow, Scotland
*HENRY HOMESWEET from Ipswich, England

Dates for all the shows are as follows:-

*(the following dates are no a part of the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR, these are just the dates USK/MARU are playing as part of their European leg in association with MICRODISKO and 2 other promoters)

@ Sat 15th Sept - Microdisko, Stockholm (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Tue 18th Sept - Microdisko, Oslo (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Thu 20th Sept - Robodock Festival, Amsterdam (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Sat 22nd Sept - ZXZW Festival @ Tilburg (USK, MARU + MORE)

*(this is where the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR starts)

@ Sun 23rd Sept - O'Henrys, Glasgow (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + FIREBRAND BOY)
@ Mon 24th Sept - The Cooperage, Newcastle (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Tue 25th Sept - The Cellar, Oxford (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Wed 26th Sept - The Frog & Parrot, Sheffield (FREE GIG!) (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + SPHERES OF CHAOS)
@ Thu 27th Sept - Chinnerys, Southend-On-Sea, Essex (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + HENRY HOMESWEET)
@ Fri 28th Sept - TJ's, Newport, Wales (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + MORE)
@ Sat 29th Sept - The Hat Factory, Luton (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Sun 30th Sept - Water Rats, Kings Cross, London (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)

Further information on the tour (artist additions etc etc) will be posted on
Any queries about the tour can be either messaged to us on there, or to

Thanks a lot,

Well there you have it!
Tons of fun and lots of places it's going down. Be sure to check it out, or at least check out the bands.

Spheres of Chaos album digital remastering and new EP scheduled

Just like any good sci-fi film trilogy, 8-bit rock band Spheres of Chaos have recently had their 10 track LP digitally remastered.

The self-titled debut album was originally released back in 2006, but Player Two over at Betamod has revised the tracks, resulting in an even better sounding record. If you don't have the release already, or would like the new tracks then head on over to the band's site and download it all for free -

The band are also just finishing up on their next release, a 5 track EP, featuring 1 VG cover track and 4 original songs. Look out for the EP on a netlabel near you!

Anamanaguchi UK tour

New York Nintendo powerpop gang Anamanaguchi begin their UK tour on March 9th in Aberdeen. They'll also be hitting Glasgow, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Farnham, Guildford and Oxford along with acts such as Firebrand Boy, Sabrepulse, Spheres of Chaos and Elfonso. If you're in the UK be sure to witness Anamanaguchi and their trademark awesomeness. Find out more from their MySpace page.