Videogame Orchestra - WERK album release

Videogame Orchestra - WERKIf you like your music full of grit and glitch you are in for a treat with the TDS netlabel's release of GM4A favorites, Videogame Orchestra. The new release, WERK, is available at the official Bandcamp page for the album. The album is nine tracks of futuristic crunches, chirps and clanks. Things kick off with the robot fueled Enemy Approaching and the ominous corridors of Electro, Music, Transform.

Two stand out tracks are the ones with some guest appearances on them. This includes the track We Got The Energy (vs. Tonylight) which has some slow moving laser shots and vocoded vocals creating a catchy atmosphere out of seemingly dissonant sounds. The other track featuring a guest musician is Electric Hero (vs. Dual Core), a grittier remix of their track from Here Comes a New Challenger. The song is just as catchy as ever, and sees the track get a lengthy instrumental as well.

It should come as no shock that I myself am quite the fan of Videogame Orchestra, and that I highly recommend this release as much as all their past efforts. This albumtakes the glitched out experimentation that started off in their Pause release of the RIOT EP last year, and takes it in a futuristic setting akin to films like Blade Runner and Terminator. Videogame Orchestra continues to push their music in different and wild directions and I certainly can't wait to see where they go next.