Listen to Gunstar Heroes remix "Military On The Max-Power" by Toni Leys


Fire starting, laser launching, Gunstar Heroes remix by Toni Leys. 

I was originally very late to the Gunstar Heroes party, getting my first start with the GBA remake of the game back when I was in search of some games to pop into slot-2 of my original 2004 DS. Now I find myself an immense fan of both impressive iterations of the game.

Dynamite Headdy tribute album Secret Bonus Point released

This week saw the release of the Dynamite Headdy fan remix album Secret Bonus Point. The album was directed by Dj Mokram and released in conjunction with Nitro Game Injection. Secret Bonus Point is divided into four chapters and designed to play seamlessly from one track to the next. It features 26 arrangements by 14 artists including OverClocked ReMix members FlexStyle, Hylian Lemon, Level 99 and Swann. With such talented people involved, this album is difficult to pass up, and its great to see a game by Treasure getting its due.