IllGill and Nameless interview August 20th on KSPC Video Game Music Show

KSPC radio's Video Game Music Show, one of the few awesome places with a dedicated game music show here in Southern California, has recently sent word that their show will play host to not one, but two awesome guests this Friday in nerdcore artists IllGill and Nameless, both rappers from Los Angeles.

The show kicks off Friday (Aug 20th), from 4-6PM PST and will feature a couple great live songs from the in studio guests along with interviews and more! So remember to tune in to KSPC 88.7 if you are near Claremont, CA, or just head over to and tune in to the live stream!

EvilWezil appearing on KSPC Radio March 26th 4pm PST

I am preparing quickly for PAX East as of this time, but there is still lots of news to dole out in large quantities to eager listeners. I want to quickly plug this tidbit for you all! Looks like Los Angeles based chiptune artist EvilWezil (who you may know from his releases on will be on KSPC radio in Claremont, CA. Full info below!

Chiptune artist EvilWezil will be a guest and live performance on ‘The Video Game Music Show’ this Friday March 26th from 4 – 6pm on KSPC 88.7FM Claremont, CA. You can listen to the live webcast at

So be sure to tune in and support a great show! Not to mention listen to some live chiptunes courtesy of EvilWezil. If just hearing him live isn't enough for you though, be sure to set aside some free tim on April 8th, and head out to Rosemead, CA where EvilWezil, alongside Wizwars, Zealous1, and SXEZSKOZ will all be performing free at Super PIZZA and CHIPS 3!