temp sound solutions & The Mountain Chiefs destructive new VG metal collaboration 'The Disadvantage Split'

True Co-op. 

This album takes us back to a more innocent time of VG Rock, before it was about the money (just kidding, there is no money here). The crunch is real, and grinds into your bones with every juicy, grimey riff.

The Mountain Chiefs crescendo with a pair of Mega Man 3 tracks early on, before a cleansing slow jam of Metroid clears the way for an album stealing descent into the depths of RC Pro Am

The Mountain Chiefs close up their end of the album with a wistful medley of music from Mother 1 and Earthbound. 

Temp Sound Solutions is on the receiving end of the baton pass, closing the album with the five final tracks. He uses his time wisely, getting down to business with what may be my favorite track on the album, the ominous 'moon party' The track feels as if someone were meandering around a black hole, playing chicken with the event horizon. Ultimately, TSS pulls away and the track ends on a rocket of drums and guitar.

Crazy Climber is the type of TSS track I could jam to all day just like the best VGM BGM back in them NES days. You can be sure that this track is worming it's way into a future episode of SUBCON. My appreciation for the sounds of TSS are clear when fulll on, no question about it rough riding rock tunes make it into my hip hop podcast. 

I wish i still had the time to drop one of my lengthy track by track reviews to really delve deep into the significance of this album. On a very related note, please check out the subscriber rewards available on my Patreon account. If I can get enough subscriber support, I'll have the ability to start a full time VGMetal podcast. How could you say no after headbanging to these heavy hitting arrangements? 

We’re bringing it back to the stone age of the VGM scene here. Gonna be a dirty one, so get ready to get Grimey.
— Lord Machino