New release from Australian Game Boy artist Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families

Album art

Sydney, Australia's Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (aka 10k aka 10kfreemen) has just released his debut physical EP. MKE OR BRK (pronounced "Make or Break") is a collection of low-bit, low-brow, low-cost chipunk songs that are both fast paced and full of fury. MKE OR BRK is a huge departure for the one man, 8bit band. He leaves behind the various instrumental demos, netlabel EPs and collaborations that have floated around the World Wide Web and pushes himself further into a niche of a niche by capturing the raw energy that erupts from his vocally driven shows. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing a 10k performance, it is nothing more than one man, one mic, one Nintendo Game Boy and the time of your life. With solid production and mastering assisted by Chris Mylrea - also known as cTrix in the chipmusic world - MKE OR BRK is as close as you will get without being on the floor with 10k at a show.

MKE OR BRK is for sale as a professionally packaged CD-R, presented in a cardboard wallet. Alternatively it is up for download for very fair price of absolutely free. Visit for access!

Dot.AY and Ten Thousand Freemen and Their Families interview with GameSetWatch

There was an article recently from GameSetWatch which had an interview with two great Australian Chiptune Artists, and grand chiptune artists in general, Alex Yabsley AKA Dot.AY and Thomas Gilmore AKA Ten Thousand Freemen & Their Families.

It's a really interesting read about these two fine artists, as well as a look at how the crusade for chiptunes is going in the oft-overlooked land of Australia. In the interview they do poke a bit of fun at us Americans, I would be offended but that would make me fall right into their trap of being a "dead serious American."

The article, by Drew Taylor, can be read at