Chiptune Artist Ivo Ivanov A.K.A. Acrodot Receives $10,000 Scholarship from G.A.N.G. and Expression College

(Ivo Ivanov as Acrodot, live in San Francisco, California 10/11/2005)

Bulgarian born chiptune artist Ivo Ivanov, also known as Acrodot, Syntax Cataract, and as his circuit bending persona Glitch Machines, has received a very prestigious award for his work. It was announced August 23, 2006 that Ivanov received a 10,000 dollar scholarship from a joint program between the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) and Expression College for Digital Arts. He is the winner of the first of two scholarships to be given for game audio studies.

(Shilo Hobel, Bob Rice, Paul Lipson, Ivo Ivanov, Tommy Tallarico, Clint Bajakian)

Ivo had this to say about his award. “It is such an honor to receive this prestigious award from the Game Audio Network Guild and Expression College. This invaluable opportunity has given my academic career a level of momentum far beyond the scope of my wildest dreams. I will continue to strive for excellence throughout my academic experience and look forward to a strong and successful career in the Interactive Audio Industry.”
Spencer Nilsen, Creative Director at Expression College had this to say about Ivo, “Ivo embodies all the attributes we look for in a creative team member on any production - creativity, professionalism, integrity and above all, a positive attitude. He has worked hard to maintain a balance between his technical abilities and his unique artistry.”
Everyone here at GM4A would like to congratulate Ivo on his grand achievement, and wishes him much luck in the future with all his endeavors. Also thanks to Ivo for contributing so richly to chiptunes and helping out the scene so much. Remember to check out his sites and congratulate him.

Ivo Ivanov’s projects below.
GLITCH MACHINES (circuit bending)


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VGM label Megatwerp are currently working on new albums and CDR’s. More news on that to come.

Artist The Skeleton has released a new album entitled “I Want To Eat My Pikachu” and you can go to his site and contact him to order.
Track listing is as follows:

1. I Want To Eat My Pikachu
2. Robotron
3. Skate or Die!!
4. Dead Baby (In My Laundry Basket)
5. Jolt Party!!!!
6. Katamari Damacy
7. Fruit Snack Attack!!
8. Double Dragon
9. Can’t Get Up
10. Ramen

And finally, Artist Syntax Cataract has a new song up entitled “Gilles de Rais” on his site, so head over there and check that out.