Sweet Valley - SV album

A little late, this post was just recovered from when the site crashed a few years ago. Can't believe I never mentioned this album on here. Anyway, here is the original post:

 Well, it seems that California based duo Sweet Valley are at it again, and by the look of that album art, things have begun to get out of control, with gritty yet groovy beats oozing their way into your ear canal. That sample-based style I am so fond of is on full display here. The subconscious sound of video games takes hold through instrumentals of varying genres and tempos. I honestly can't get enough of this shit.

Sweet Valley - Jenova

Like some kind of electronic babel fish, Sweet Valley has quickly burrowed through my ear and deep into my psyche. Simply put, these are some of the most intriguing instrumental sounds I have had the pleasure of hearing over the past year.

Perhaps it is the litany of samples (upwards of 140 according to Sweet Valley themselves) that barely prick your eardrum before disappearing in a maelstrom of other sounds. Maybe it's the Final-Fantasy-VII-esque undertones that get my mind racing with alternate Cloud-based realities.

No matter what the reason Sweet Valley music pulls me in like Scorpion, Jenova is far and away worth a listen. Easily a top five album from 2012.

Sweet Valley - Eternal Champ album release

Admittedly I have little data about Sweet Valley or their new album, but from what I can ascertain, the eternal champ has proven himself, and his true resolve has been revealed. A fusion of hip hop beats and electronic ambiance, with clever sampling that will make you wonder if some sort of shadow person is playing video games in the darkness just outside your vision.