8bitcollective.com Presents Hello World! compilation

The ever present and wonderful chiptune community of 8bitcollective has released their first album to the world at large and it presents itself with a hearty Hello World! The free download includes 16 tracks from 16 mainstays of the 8bitcollective community including Nintenboys, Raptorface, and so many more! You can download the album in the appropriate 8bitcollective forum thread. Here is the full track listing now, for all the amazing chiptuners included!

01. MM - 8BC Is Cool
02. Swampyboy - Glacial Floe
03. ChipHydra - Anything with Heart
04. Digital Cait Sith - Krazoa
05. Little-Scale - Hello
06. Raptorface - Cherryblossom
07. Sparkyboy - Gloom
08. Nintenboys - Be Alone
09. Constipation Man - Space Race
10. Failotron - Hello Világ
11. Pandotrix! - Fire Flower Hilltops
12. Amiga Agia - Mustache
13. Mikrochip No32 - On the Move!
14. Derris-Kharlan - Prism Stars
15. Sybi0t - Lazarou
16. Videovalvontaa - Easter Dicks

Front/Back Cover Done by minusbaby

Go download it now! Then check out the amazing community they have over there!