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The only video game hip hop podcast. 

An hour long mega podcast featuring dozens of fighting game based hip hop and beats. Featuring music from Mega Ran, The Grammar Club, Marcus & Rome, Skyblew, and way more than I can continue listing! Video Game Based Lyrics Corner features Ludacris as Street Fighter II's Guile. I also dive deep into my love of fighting games by listing my favorite fighters of all time, as well as my personal top three fighting games ever. I also look back on the bygone arcade era and the legacy of Street Fighter II.

We kick off our first special episode of season 2 with the longest SUBCON I've ever done. This will be the episode you tell your friends about. Well, go tell 'em!

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Jab, Strong, Fierce! Street Fighter Art Show opening

This past weekend I had the chance to head out to Gallery Nucleus for the opening of Jab, Strong, Fierce, which is the title of the recent Street Fighter tribute art show put together by I Am 8-Bit and Capcom to celebrate nearly two decades of Street Fighter greatness. There was plenty of awesome art on hand, raffles, a cosplay contest, live music (sadly no SF2HDRemix tunes though), an EVO sponsored Street Fighter 4 tournament, and more! I even ran into my good pals at (I even helped record a segment with them, no idea when and where that will be posted though) and had a chance to meet the man behind I am 8-Bit. Of course I took plenty of photos from the show. You can check out some of my favorites below, and check out all the art and fun from the show through my photobucket.

It was a great time of course, and you can check out the exhibit yourself by heading down to Gallery Nucleus before May 11th when the show will come to a close.

Planet Skill perform Clamato Fever from SF2 Turbo HD Remix at Game Developers Conference

So the Game Developers Conference just passed about a month ago, and Planet Skill was invited to perform.

The video is of Clamato Fever, the intro/menu song for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. The song was done by Prozax and AE for the remix compilation which you can download free at OverClocked ReMix, and lord knows why you haven't already! Anyway, the video was recorded by Dominic Cerquetti who you may know as the fellow who runs Jamspace, and in his new position as head of the Music dept for MAGFest.

It's not the best recorded video, but the fact that OCReMixers and lovers of video game music have been invited to GDC is just amazing news!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack released by OCRemix community

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack. Wow, if that wasn't a mouthful before. Anyway, DJ Pretzel has announced via OverClocked ReMix that the soundtrack to capcoms new downloadable remake of SF2 is now available free from the site. Hit this link right here to check out an incredible album of new music from AE, Shael Riley, Grammar Club, DJ Pretzel, Zircon, Mazedude, and a ton more!

The album is 66 tracks all remakes of songs from the original SFIITurbo. Worth a download for everyone who use to spend their quarters at the local arcade back in the day.

In fact I am downloading the torrent now!