Super Nintechno self titled debut album release

Spokane, Washington resident remixer Super Nintechno, who you may know from our first album Music EXP has finally released his debut album! 19 tracks of original techno game tributes as well as remixes of Mario, Punch Out, Zelda and more classic games. Definitely a great album to blast in your car (which I can attest to) or just when you need some upbeat danceable tunes.

This catchy album can be ordered in spiffy compact disc format from Super Nintechno's myspace page for 10 bucks plus $2 shipping.

Biggest Announcement Ever! Game Music 4 All Compilation

Tell everyone! Tell your friends, your parents, your dog. Write it on a brick and throw it through a window! We at GM4A are very proud to announce that for our site's one year anniversary we are hard at work on the grandest of grand music compilations. The compilation is set to release June 3rd 2007, exactly one year after our very first post on this website of ours.

The compilation is titled Music EXP and will include many artists we know and love. Here are a few involved so far!

8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions

We will be revealing more and more bands involved as we build up to the release date. Also we will be creating a myspace page solely for the compilation so look out for that. Everyone spread the word! We want this to be a truly impactful CD on not just the VGM community, nor the gamer community, but in all the music community!

We will post more news about the album as it progresses. Don't get off the edge of your seat until then!


So after a brief vacation we are all back. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th here in the states. Lots of news to catch up on. Most importantly the Chipcache label has had to dissolve itself sadly, due to financial and legal problems. We wish the creators of chipcache all the luck in the world in their future endeavors, as well as all the bands residing on that label.


So much other stuff to get into as well. Let us get all the new songs out of the way first. Dolegay, Geek Beat King, pIENESS: THE HARD CORPS, and Tin Soldier Empire all have new songs up on their respective pages.Push Start covers some Super Mario Sunshine and a Super Mario medley while Super Nintechno ably covers The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Song of Storms. Temp Sound Solutions has a song from his last live show for your enjoyment. capitalSTEPS has 2 brand new remixes up. Finally, 2 new songs from the forthcoming album, March of Fatima, from The Flight Orchestra. Hope you enjoy all that good stuff.
San Antonio, Texas based Premium Games are hard at work on a free compilation CD and now have a myspace page dedicated to that fact. Their compilation includes bands and artists such as Spheres of Chaos, Tin Soldier Empire, XOC, Push Start, and The Minibosses. Check out their page for the full line up.
Just had to mention that Dataage has a new logo that I am definitely digging. Check it out.

We have a new affiliate in 2 Player Productions. These guys are hard at work on a VGM documentary. They are great folks and you should definitely check out their site.
Radio Sega now has an all Sonic radio channel running all summer to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary
Lastly, 8 Bit Weapon has announced that he is working on new material as well as producing ComputeHer’s forthcoming album.

P.S. Gamewave Podcast has a third episode up so tune in!