Galactodactyl - Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP

A dreamy tribute to the musical stylings that flow from the SPC-700 soundchip of the Super NES. Galactodactyl (a name I love saying buy hate spelling) pays honor to games like Earthbound and Super Metroid in the 2012 Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP. Rich sounds inspired by classic games.

Press Start: An 8-bit Childhood- bumping video game based beats by Voodoo Lion

This is ridiculous, every time I think I 'get' the song, and get ready to skip to the next one (this is an initial listen mind you, and I seriously have a lot of albums to go through) but I CAN'T skip any tracks, because Voodoo Lion keeps switching things up on me. Tracks can progress to whole new places through the span of these short beats. 

I can definitely use more of this. Some of these beats are simply mesmerizing. Especially the Metroid based beats, which invoke the ominous and lonely mood of the series, while still making you bob your head. The Metroid series tends to be my barometer of how 'hot' a video game based artist is, and Voodoo Lion nails it. The suffocating feeling in The Hatchling, which definitely invokes the parallels between Metroid and the Alien movie series. The immersion into the game world is complete with well timed sound effects. Contrast that with the angelic tones of The Mother. This track takes a simple but important of music from the game, and build an entire world around it.

Then we get to the Castlevania track. "Mallory Kane (Bomb the Banquet)" takes it's inspiration from Simon's Quest and murders more people than Dracula with this track. It makes me yearn for a full Castlevania remix album from this guy (and many other artists)

The vibe flowing through the entire beattape shows that this, uh, lion, is very familiar with the source material. 

Virt Week ends with 'Crystal Flash' a 20 minute Super Metroid mega medley


With a catalogue of music the size of Jake 'virt' Kaufman's, it is no small task to decide on the best one. What is much easier, is to choose one of the earliest songs I had ever heard from Virt. That honor goes to the ten year old Dwelling of Duels champion, "Crystal Flash." The track is over twenty minutes of music from the Super Metroid soundtrack. Nearly every song from the foreboding collection is represented in this arrangement. 

I have said many times that it takes a real musician to make a Metroid cover. Well Virt takes that notion, freezes it, then blasts it with a super missile. An entire soundtrack rearranged and performed in one month, and the result is a brilliant track unmatched even ten years later? Sounds like a real musician to me

Happy birthday to Jake 'virt' Kaufman, and thank you Virt for all the wonderful video game soundtracks, arrangements, and performances!

Rumor has it that virt was on the short list of composers to be contracted to write the score to Retro Studios' Metroid Prime, unfortunately such a partnership never came to be. Every time I hear my beloved MP soundtrack, I can't help but wonder what could have been.

What are some of your favorite virt memories or music? Share them in the comments below.

Listen to metal Super Metroid tribute Intergalactic Warrior by Hyde209

Possibly my favorite track from the 2013 release Super Metroid Memories. The album is a must have for any Super Metroid fan, there's nothing more to say than that. Just bang your head to this metal monstrosity.

MC Larny - Project Nightroid album

Take a little Metroid toss it in a pot, now toss in a little jazz, sit back and watch. After the sonic masterpiece that was Samus the Jazz Queen, MC Larny is giving the people what they want! MC Larny lays it down smooth with the ambient jazz tones of the Metroid series in Project Nightroid. If you want some of the realest of Metroid covers (straight Metroid Metal real Metroid son), you see MC Larny.