Piano arrangements of classic Super Nintendo RPG's in 'Illusion of Mana' by srmusic

Piano arrangements of classic Super Nintendo RPG's in 'Illusion of Mana' by srmusic

This piano tribute to classic Super Nintendo games from Square (now Square-Enix, so I've heard) will turn you into a blubbering JRPG fanboy in mere moments. Evocative arrangements of some standards from the likes of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and more. 

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The debut album of heavy metal Super Nintendo remixes in 'Blasters & Daggers' by Super MadNES

Only recently heard of these folks but I'm already excited to catch them live at the Southern California Retro Gaming Expo. That's right, It's almost time for SoCalRetGamEx! The Super MadNES will be fired up along with Viking Guitar, The Koopas, and Vic Viper.

The album Blasters & Daggers is an intense wall of heavy metal, with every gritty note dedicated to the greatest console of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Fire up some Capcom classics in your trusty Heavy Metal System and rock out to classic themes from Mega Man X and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. 

All instruments played, performed and recorded by Nico Saavedra and Ryan Iyengar.
Guest guitar solo on “Armored Armadillo” by Gabriel Hidalgo.
Drums played & performed on Roland TD9 Electronic Drum Kit. No Midi used.

Produced, arranged and mixed by Nico Saavedra.
Mastered by Will Mott @ 73 Productions.
Artwork by Ben Hosac @ benhosac.com

Logo, Design, Album Layout and Website by Sara Saavedra @ moonrisecreative.com
— Super MadNES

Fight On! a heavy metal tribute to Killer Instinct from ThePlasmas


This game came with an arranged soundtrack album when it was released in the US. of course kids in the US had no idea what an 'arranged VGM album" was at the time. It was the games soundtrack, but not what you heard on the SNES, but highly produced and polished remakes.

ThePlasmas takes this well known soundtrack, and adds that signature layer of piledriving metal. The result is an intense battery of sounds that makes you want to punch, kick, laser eye, and turn into cheetah at anyone near you. I rocked out to most of the album before I even knew it. ThePlasmas has a great knack for keeping things moving, which is the perfect vibe for a night of epic fights to the death.


Recorded at Plasma’s Home (Mauricio Plasma)
Killer Instinct & Killer Instinct Gold Tribute Album (SNES / Arcade - KI2)
Music Originally by: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate.
— ThePlasmas

16 Bits of Originality in SNESQUE by Zackery Wilson

Zackery Wilson’s “SNESQUE” is the marriage of Super Nintendo soundfonts (i.e. collections of samples from original Super Nintendo video games) and modern-day audio production (i.e. EQ, delay, reverb, filters, etc.). For each original track, Zack adhered strictly to self-imposed limitations: Each was created using only one soundfont (exclusive to each respective game), again, only taking liberties with audio production and some creative sample manipulation (i.e. pitch-shifting, time-stretching, etc.); the structure of each track limited to roughly a minute’s worth of music, looping once (in the tradition of standard video game “level” music) before fading out.

From progressive rock to jazz fusion, samba to swing, “SNESQUE” is a hodgepodge of musical styles, connected by the nostalgic sound of Super Nintendo video games and the familiarity of present-day audio production techniques.
— Zackery Wilson

Press Start: An 8-bit Childhood- bumping video game based beats by Voodoo Lion

This is ridiculous, every time I think I 'get' the song, and get ready to skip to the next one (this is an initial listen mind you, and I seriously have a lot of albums to go through) but I CAN'T skip any tracks, because Voodoo Lion keeps switching things up on me. Tracks can progress to whole new places through the span of these short beats. 

I can definitely use more of this. Some of these beats are simply mesmerizing. Especially the Metroid based beats, which invoke the ominous and lonely mood of the series, while still making you bob your head. The Metroid series tends to be my barometer of how 'hot' a video game based artist is, and Voodoo Lion nails it. The suffocating feeling in The Hatchling, which definitely invokes the parallels between Metroid and the Alien movie series. The immersion into the game world is complete with well timed sound effects. Contrast that with the angelic tones of The Mother. This track takes a simple but important of music from the game, and build an entire world around it.

Then we get to the Castlevania track. "Mallory Kane (Bomb the Banquet)" takes it's inspiration from Simon's Quest and murders more people than Dracula with this track. It makes me yearn for a full Castlevania remix album from this guy (and many other artists)

The vibe flowing through the entire beattape shows that this, uh, lion, is very familiar with the source material. 

Happy Birthday Hideki Konno! Celebrate with this remix of 'Vanilla Lake' from Super Mario Kart

An upbeat tribute to the Konno directed original

This track is by DJ Bouche, and is a remix of my personal favorite music from Super Mario Kart (mostly because I destroyed fools on Vanilla Lake 2), originally composed by Soyo Oka.

I certainly hope Bouche takes on the rest of the themes in the series with this vibrant style.

What are some of your favorite musical themes from the Mario Kart series? Do they correspond to your favorite tracks in the game?

Listen to new OC ReMix 'The Seven Wise Men Shot First' by Joey Grady

OC ReMix #3129: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ‘The Seven Wise Men Shot First’ by Joey Grady

DOWNLOAD IT FREE at OC ReMix! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03129
ReMixer: Joey Grady
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• Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, 1991, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): Joey Grady
• Composer(s): Koji Kondo
• Song(s): ‘Opening Demo’
• Posted: 2015-05-07, evaluated by the judges
— OverClocked Remix

Listen to Light Pillar's Donkey Kong Country 2 remix 'All Aboard the Glitter Express'

A remix of my own personal favorite DKC2 track

DOWNLOAD IT FREE at OC ReMix! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03126
ReMixer: Light Pillar
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• Game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (Nintendo, 1995, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): Light Pillar
• Composer(s): David Wise
• Song(s): ‘Disco Train (Target Terror)’
• Posted: 2015-05-02, evaluated by djpretzel
— OverClocked ReMix

Listen to the full F-Zero Original Soundtrack

Are you at work? On the bus? Perhaps planning to read some internet comments. All of these things will be made not just bearable, but awesome once you start listening to the F-Zero soundtrack.

F-Zero (1991) was developed and published by Nintendo. The soundtrack was composed by Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida. 

Thank you X (http://www.youtube.com/davidr64yt) for introducing me to this amazing soundtrack!

SNES BEATS VOL 1 & 2, Super Nintendo inspired hip hop remixes from Bknapp


One album of chill hip hop videogame beats deserves another. Illinois beatsmith BKnapp dropped back to back albums of SNES inspired beats. I have personally put these beats to the Mario Kart test. For the uninitiated, the MK test is simply, if I toss these beats on, and hit the online in the latest Mario Kart, how much ass do I kick?

Well much ass was kicked over the half hour of BKnapp beats I listened to.

The first beat tape collects classic music from Donkey Kong Country 2, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, and Super Mario World 1 & 2. Excellent but not overbearing use of in game sound effects keep the original source of these memorable tracks firmly in mind. Every track holds its ground on the album and all are worth a listen.

The "Legend of Zelda - Select Screen" remix is a definite stand out, considering it is based on the Fairy Fountain theme, AKA best song in Zelda history. The beat takes the soothing melody and drops some up tempo drums and adds a few of those aforementioned SFX. It creates a juicy clip of music that I would love to hear an MC spit over, or at least a clever mashup.

BKnapp's second album of SNES BEATS gathers a wider variety of games, adding Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man 7, and the original DKC to the collection. The Super Metroid beat, "Red Soil" is absolutely delicious. The ominous Metroid track pairs perfectly with the deep bass synth to get that deep dark inner cavern vibe going.

Both albums are available for streaming and free download on the BKnapp bandcamp page.