Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/25 – 1/31

Another productive week comes to an end. Not to mention a ton of great albums discussed this week like The Smash Brothers and little-scale (who also happened to win artist of the year over at TCTD). Up above we have some amazing piece 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' by speedking, who you may remember as the artist for Temp Sound Solutions' Now Your Playing With Powar 7. So be sure to check out some more of his great VG inspired work as well! Now the news!



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VIDEO This weeks video is courtesy of iPhone developer Tag Games who recently announced their newest app, B-Boy Beats. This game will feature a list of nerdcore artists the likes of MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek. You can read a preview of the game via iPhone Reviews and it seems the game will be released sometime in February. Check out the trailer below featuring one of my favorite songs by the experimental nerdcore hip hop groups Magitek.

Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!

VGM Related Musical Cheer!

Just wanted to hit you folks with a few festive christmas links for thoes aching to hear holiday tunes, but can't pull yourself away from good old VG inspired music.

First off. 8 Bit Collective has a thread going with some great Christmas songs. Check that out through this link.

Next up, the Gamewave Podcast has put together their latest show, which is completely dedicated to the holidays as well. So head over to gamewavepodcast.com and grab their latest episode!

Speaking of excellent podcasts with holiday themes. Also be sure to check out Hipster Please's latest episode of Radio Free Hipster for some holiday nerdcore and more (that rhymes!).

DJ RoboRob has released a Christmas EP which is worth downloading, you can grab that over at his myspace page.

The Oneups made an excellent rendition of Mario and Christmas themes entitled Super Mario Sleigh Ride. You can download it for free off of The OneUps website.

Check out Animal Style's page for plenty of excellent Christmas chiptunes.

Speaking of Christmas chiptunes, Eric Chiptunes also has some holiday cheer on his Myspace page, so check that out as well.

Hope this helps you get in the holiday spirit! and maybe sneak a few of these songs in at any christmas parties you happen to be at!