Shmup chiptune album INSERT vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER by Prof. Sakamoto

After mentioning the latest in the Prof. Sakamoto Insert series of chiptune albums, I thought I'd go back and mention INSERT Vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER. This album is based exclusively on shmups and that is great.

his album is a concept album. Using sound chips of NES and Gameboy, Professor Sakamoto made a soundtrack of virtual retro shooting game “Solar Soldier”.
— Pro. Sakamoto

The latest chiptune soundtrack from Prof. Sakamoto, 'INSERT vol.3 - NINJA OR DIE'

I'm only just discovering Prof. Sakamoto, an amazing chiptune artist out of Japan. He recently released the third in his fictional game soundtrack series. This time, Sakamoto's fictional game company, Sakabot, fights for honor with a sidescrolling ninja action game.

INSERT is one of my conceptual albums which is a soundtrack of a virtual retro video game.
Volume 3 is a 2D Ninja action game.
Imagine your own visuals and feeling of the world, and enjoy it!
— Prof. Sakamoto