Johto Legends (Music from "Pokémon Gold and Silver") by Braxton Burks

Johto Legends (Music from "Pokémon Gold and Silver") by Braxton Burks

So I was all set to post about “Johto Legends (Music from "Pokémon Gold and Silver") by Braxton Burks” but when I went to his bandcamp page to get the requisite album info, he had already released another album. Curious, I said to myself. And, oh man, oh wow. Burks has five albums, all of various length, and all in tribute to the music of Pokemon. Each of these five albums has been released THIS YEAR. All back in the month of January.

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The return of Pinhead Larry with Memory Palace II

The return of Pinhead Larry with Memory Palace II

Can we shift 'scary game music' into it's own category. You know the stuff. Lavender town, anything akira yamaoka. Many of the themes represented on Pinhead Larry's latest, Memory Palace II, certainly fit that mold. Whichever themes don't, Larry goes and remixes down into some chilling sounds anyway.

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SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

If you need some chill beats, and you do, then settle in with the latest from SublimeCloud. I am in love with these beats, especially after spending a hundred hours or so in Pokemon Moon. I really want to go back to Pokemon Moon as well, but I also have to like, live my life. I can't do both unfortunately. 

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Game Music 4 All + SUBCON present the PokeMixTape

All new mixtape for all those folks still hustling at Pokemon Go. Hit the gyms in style with this collection of bumping Pokemon based beats. Get in full Pokemon trainer mode with these remixes of classic Pokemon tracks! Download the .mp3 over on the SUBCON page.

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Listen to Voodoo Lion's haunting hip hop remix of Pokemon's Lavender Town theme

Short but haunting hip hop remix of the melancholy music of Lavender Town from the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy. Voodoo Lion lays it down ice cold in the most disturbing way possible. 

Listen to SUBCON 33: Pokemon Sun/Moon starters

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

Talking Pokemon Sun/Moon starters. Tons of new names and new music from Broken Pixels, 2D6, Marquice Turner, (T-T)b, Mega Ran, Tribe One, and 2 Mello!

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"Battle vs Team Plasma" (feat. Animatissimo) from Pokémon Black & White

Name: “Battle vs Team Plasma”
Songs: Battle vs Team Plasma, Battle vs Ghetsis
Game: Pokémon Black & White
Original Composers: Junichi Masuda
Arrangements: Pokérus

Recorded live for the first time at PokéRaymi 2015 in Lima, Perú. With the amazing musicians of “Animatissimo”!

Visit Animatissimo´s Page:
— Pokerus

Move that Dope: Rap duo Marcus & Rome drop Rated 'D' For Dope EP

Light it up. 

Technically sound, extra catchy, lyrically smart, AND with heart. Been looking forward to reviewing this album, because that means I get to call listening to this album 'work.'  The Maryland born, Philly based rap duo drop an eight track EP that burns hot straight through. This is the sort of album I created SUBCON to showcase. You can bet M&R will make an appearance on the show soon (like, the next episode soon). 

M&R lay it all out as soon as the album starts with an autobiographical account most retrogamers have lived in the Yoshi based, Bknapp produced opener, "Press Start." 

SHVKVZULU's glitched beats crack the album open, and quickly takes a dark turn to fit the mood.  The shot firing "HM02 as Fuck" may already got my new vote for best Pokemon rap ever (No, the official Pokemon rap does not even make top five).

"Ice Cap/Aquatic Mine drops the duo in the back to back sonic beats. The flow gets out of control before switching into a smooth, low key closer.

I review the track Gorrila Tactics on an upcoming episode of SUBCON. Get hyped!

"Hero of Rhyme" is another banger over fan favorite Legend of Zelda theme Gerudo Valley. Judging by the love shown at the end of this track, I believe more LoZ based M&R is on the way. Sounds like they got enough memories in them to go full Zelda on the next release. I say all this because the track is a teasingly short minute long without the closing speech.

"Ring Out" may be the  sneaky best track on the album. They bring back the grime, constantly dropping rings and some of the best lines on the album. So many replays for hip hop heads, with the fast pace and surprising rhymes. 

The duo go clutch and kill it on the finale. "No Johns Freestyle" is dedicated to all the smash players, even 'filthy casuals" like me.

Rated 'D' For Dope is stuck in my rotation as I write this. If you hit play, it can easily infest your music player as well. Keep your finger on the rewind button for this one.

‘D’ For Dope content is generally suitable for gamers, hip-hop heads, and/or filthy casuals. May contain suggestive rhyme schemes, immature humor, partial nudity, use of drugs, and/or frequent use of strong bars.
— Marcus & Rome

Pokerus performs music from Pokémon Gold & Silver in dedication to Satoru Iwata

A mas o menos una semana de su partida, aún no asimilo bien el hecho de que Satoru Iwata ya no esté entre nosotros. Siempre recordaré con mucho cariño ese carisma con el que salía a relucir en cada Nintendo Direct, y por supuesto todo lo que hizo por clásicos de la compañía. Iwata fue un heroe anónimo del mundo de los videojuegos.

Muchos de nosotros sabemos varias de las proezas que realizó para juegos como Kirby, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros Melee y otros títulos en cuanto a sus habilidades de programación que eran fuera de serie. Pero si hay algo que le voy a agradecer toda la vida, es el esfuerzo que puso en Pokémon Gold & Silver. Siendo mis juegos favoritos de toda la vida por el hecho de recorrer tanto Johto como Kanto libremente, es todo gracias a que el pudo hacer calzar tanta data en un cartucho de Game Boy Color. Básicamente si no fuese por Satoru Iwata, Gold & Silver no hubiese sido un juego tan maravilloso y quizá la franquicia de mis amores no habría tenido el mismo impacto que tiene el día de hoy.

Por lo mismo, pienso que la mejor manera que tengo para honrar su memoria es tributandolo con este track, que marca el inicio de tu primer paso por la región de Kanto en los juegos. Apenas escuchas esta melodía, sabes inmediatamente que estás a punto de emprender un nuevo viaje, que vas a aventurarte a recorrer nuevos horizontes. Y me gusta la idea de recordar a Satoru Iwata partiendo a un nuevo viaje con esta canción de fondo.

Gracias por tanto, buen hombre!

El simpático arte de Iwata es de mi amiga Mikoto:
— Pokerus

Listen to 'Catch It' (Busta Rhymes vs. Pokemon RBG Mashup) by 2 Mello

Free download @:
Here is Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It” mixed with the Silph Co. song from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green. When I was younger, I loved this Silph Co. music so much that I didn’t mind taking the time to go up and down that huge building reaping all the goodies. Now the goodies are yours for the taking in this much-requested remix!
— 2 Mello

The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for December 29, 2014 - January 4, 2015

It's a new year, and that means more new music, and more new video games. Only one game can rip me from my months long Smash Bros binge, and that is the re-release of Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire on the Wii U. Catching Pokemon via fast paced pinball action is a very specific and intense type of fun for me. Unfortunately, rumble is not enabled in this Virtual Console title, such a shame. Athough, the use of save states guarantees me a never ending game of pinball, no matter how terrible I am at judging angles and trajectory.

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'Groovy 20th Anniversary Tribute to Earthworm Jim' available now for free download / December 31, 2014

(T-T)b release chiptune punk rock single 'Cruise' / January 1, 2015

Alternate reality Mega Man, the Super Marcato Bros Mega Buster Soundtrack / January 1, 2015

Listen to Chapter 6: Dark Pit by Motoi Sakuraba from Kid Icarus Uprising / January 2, 2015

Massive chilled out remix album Playing Video Games by Magicxbeats


Not one, not two, but over two dozen laid back beats from music producer Magicxbeats. Get your fix of chill remixes ranging from tons of VGM new and old. From Chrono Cross to Final Fantasy XIII-2, from Mortal Kombat 3 to Marvel vs Capcom 2, with dozens of tracks in between. Nearly every system from the past twenty-something years is represented in this massive collection of amazing tunes. 

With this many tracks, I've got to point out some of my favorites, including the video game sampled intro that really sets the tone for the full album. The aforementioned MvC2 gets a lovely remix of the famous Clock Tower theme. A nearly six minute remix of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time's Windmill Hut is a hypnotic track to light up to. Despite the nostalgia permeating the aforementioned tracks, my absolute favorite has emerged as the stirring remix of Pokemon Black & White track "Emotion"

I also can't forget the outro, which is simply, and appropriately, the audio of one of my favorite sketches from The Chapelle's Show.

You can have the entire collection for a mere $5 via Magicxbeats bandcamp site.

Listen to SolarLune's original chiptune single Eevee


A spacey chip rock tribute to the highly adaptable Pokémon.

I am always glad to get a good earful of great new music. I was recently lamenting the lack of chiptunes I've been listening to lately, when I come across this incredible tribute to one of my favorite Pokemon (at least in several of its evolved forms).

It's easy to get swept up in the soaring synthwaves and killer drum loops. The track is available free via SolarLune's bandcamp page

Listen to MxxnChild - Gotta Catch 'Em All (Rare Candy) [Prod. by Wonderboy]

Smoké and Poké.

Admittedly, I've layed Pokemon while getting my own smoke on. It isn't fun. Menus aren't fun in that state of mind. Did I enter a menu, did I want to exit the menu?

That short term memory issue is quite the detriment in Pokemon, that's for sure. It sure as hell makes the battles much more exciting though.

Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary from OC ReMix available now for free download


The surprisingly unstreamable, but who cares because it is free anyways and assuredly awesome new album from OverClocked ReMix is available now. Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary is an album length album of tributes to classic and niche tracks from the original DMG-001. 

It's a heartbreaker that Super Mario Land 2, arguably one of the best Super Mario platformers ever, was not in on the festivities. There are a ton of other classics though, such as the original Super Mario Land, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Listen to Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions: Generation 5 Music recorded live in Washington D.C.

Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions: Generation 5 Music (Black and White)

0:00 - Pokémon Center
2:40 - The Day I Became King
4:46 - Pokémon League
6:01 - Route 10 (EPIC!)
7:58 - N's Castle
9:58 - Battle Vs. N
11:47 - N's Farewell

Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions playlist:

This Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions concert occurred during the premiere night on August 15th, 2014 in Washington D.C.

Pokémon Symphony Twitter:
Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions Producer Jeron Moore:
Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda:
Princeton Entertainment:

Malefic Form releases VG beats EP Video Game Dreams 2


Quick and gritty cuts from Malefic Form in the January release, Video Game Dreams 2. Considering that Pokemon and Earthbound remixes make the cut among the short list of tracks helps solidify a spot in my mind for this album. 

Despite the aforementioned tracks, my favorite track on the album ends up being the soothing piano and drum sounds of "Floating Garden." Download the album free from Malefic Form's official Bandcamp page.