Listen to Dead Winds (Biggie & Earthbound Mashup) by 2 Mello

Sailing to Scaraba is my second favorite track from the masterpiece that is Earthbound. My number one favorite? Eh, a story for another time. Let's focus on this gritty mashup of the adventurous theme from Earthbound and Notorious B.I.G. laying it down hardcore thanks to the mashup magic of 2 Mello and his album EarthBIG.

Watch this Earthbound / Mother 2 live concert with Keiichi Suzuki & Hip Tanaka


I've been meaning to post this wonderful live concert performed with composers for Mother and Earthbound (Mother 2), Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. This live performance was my jam for months after it came out.

Together they perform a stripped down collection of live rearrangements of several classic Earthbound themes. Watch the full concert below!

Listen to the Earthbound cover Sailing to Scaraba WIP by jonwd7

I just can't say no to any Sailing to Scaraba remix I find, even this mysterious, unembeddable WIP version of the theme from over a year ago by the mysterious jonwd7. I couldn't find out much with a quick google search of this one alias, which has music both on Soundcloud and Youtube. 

So just bask in the mysteriousness of this short rendition of my personal favorite son from the entire Mother series. 

Team Teamwork - Talib Kweli & Mos Def - Bright As The Stars (Earthbound) - YouTube

One of my all time favorite mashups. Anything mashed up with the Mother series automatically takes on a deep new meaning thanks to my affinity for the worlds of Earthbound and Mother 3.

These verses by Black Star put things on another level entirely, and absolutely knock the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis mashup album out of the park on this final track.

From the album "Super Nintendo Sega Genesis"
Download at:

An argument for Earthbound's Paula in Smash Bros


Check out this epic Paula artwork Earthbound - Paula by bucketmouse

When I mentioned adding Kumatora into Smash Bros, I argued that Kumatora would make an interesting new character with an all new move set separate from Ness or Lucas. 

Today I propose the opposite. Add another clone character similar to Ness or Lucas, and that character should be Paula from SNES niche classic Earthbound. 

Due to her use of physical and magic attacks in Earthbound, she would fit the well rounded structure of Ness and Lucas. I also believe every Earthbound player would agree that 'Pray' would make one amazing final smash.

Due to the clone nature, perhaps Paula could even replace Ness or Lucas, though I find that to be an incredibly long shot. Though it could be argued that the real hero of Earthbound is Paula, but that is a separate discussion.

In the end I hold onto a more realistic hope that she at least makes an appearance as an assist trophy just as Jeff did in Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Of course, I can always pray that there is more in store for her in the game.

Check out this short but moving Mother 25th Anniversary animation by Zakeno

It's the Mother 25th Anniversary this year, and that means an even more abundant amount of loving tributes to the Mother / Earthbound series in all forms of media. 

I get a little choked up just watching this sweet little animation that sums up three huge adventures in only a few moments. 

Check out the high quality video animation on Vimeo below with included music for guaranteed tearing up.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Snowman [Remix] by SublimeCloud


Digging through SublimeCloud's SoundCloud has already yielded great treasure with this hip hop, chill, glitch remix of likely my favorite music from the Mother/Earthbound series, the winter theme of "Snowman". Can not go wrong with this one. The relaxed vibe of the original shines in a new way thanks to the rushing drums and pulsing sounds presented. This track definitely makes me dream of the next time someone drops a full on Mother or Earthbound album.

YTCracker - earthbound - adventures of the sound stone vol. 1

Earthbound hip hop automatically wedges its way into my heart without much work. Perhaps it was that Earthbound Zero mixtape, or maybe it's because I want to create an EB game hack called Erfbound. YTCracker drops Adventures of the Sound Stone Vol. 1 and does what he does, and if you know YTCracker you know how he does.

Every time I hear someone do something with Earthbound music, it feels like I understand more about the strange original music of the game.

Earthbound raps son!

I Miss You - Earthbound 2012 compilation release

I get excited about a lot of things, but Earthbound excitement is on another level! Feel free to play this album, and daydream about the Earthbound of an alternate reality. This album definitely does the Earthbound/Mother name proud.

Also, word up to Pongball, who has released plenty of great music I need to write about. Also Joshua Morse, who was on the Bound Together album all those years ago. He even did one of my all time favorite remixes, Medical Insurance.

<a href="">I Miss You - EarthBound 2012 by Various Artists</a>