Game Music 4 All Listening Party July 20th @ Barcade in Los Angeles

Hey everyone, hope you had a blast at the concert last night! It was a huge success and I will have a detailed report of it very soon, but what I wanted to talk about now is in one week from the concert, we are having a listening party for the compilations we have released thus far! We are having a fun get together at Miss T's Barcade in Los Angeles to show off our compilations for you fine folks, chat about video games and music, play some classic arcade titles for 25 cents each (I rock a few of the classics, be warned). Also, it's FREE!

The event will be at Miss T's Barcade from 6pm-10pm Sunday July 20th.

The address is
Miss T's Barcade
371 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Last but not least, here's the flier! Two fliers in fact!