Pterodactyl Squad re-releases Spamtron's Triple Screen

They say 13 is unlucky for some, but not in this case: PTE013 is a re-release of Spamtron's epic Triple Screen! Originally released on Spamtron's own seminal netlabel, Mega Twerp in 2006, the release has been unavailable for a while now, but the Squad decided to set this injustice straight and re-release Triple Screen, along with a bonus track featuring Joe Allen on drums.

"Triple Screen is what a 3-screen handheld gaming system would sound like. This system uses the 320-bit Z-sound chip, which doesn't really exist in real life. I just made that up, because Triple Screen is mostly a huge tribute to the many styles, sounds, cultures, and moods of music found in video games. It is my way of saying "arigato gozaimasu" to all of the awesome Japanese composers that made our childhoods so awesome with such diverse, inspiring soundtracks. They are the people that allow us to return to our childhoods just by putting some old Nintendo songs in our MP3 player and rocking out like it's 1990.

At the time, this was the most synthy-and-drummy/proggy/eclectic/Virt-inspired album that I'd done so far. I was very fascinated with the various tones made possible by FM synthesis and SNES sampling technology, which I felt were both under-appreciated back then. I was listening to a lot of underground hip hop, J-rock, glitch, ambient, VG music, chiptunes, and obscure metal at the time of writing these songs. I bet you can probably hear those influences in this album! I hope that this album is as fun for you to listen to as it was for me to create. This album is totally free, so feel free to share with your friends, and make copies of floppies and stuff! Just let me know if you decide to use it for any commercial purposes, and we can discuss it! Anyway, have fun and enjoy this big stack of an album!"

Triple Screen release page

Self-titled lutin album re-released on Pterodactyl Squad

The self-titled release (AKA "the pink album") from Canadian Game Boy artist, lutin is the first of Pterodactyl Squad's Mega Twerp re-releases.

lutin says "This record was written using a single Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge and an old Nintendo DMG Game Boy. I've included an additional 2 bonus tracks on this re-release: bourgeois murk and power down. Both tracks were written around the same time as the rest of the album, so I thought it was fitting that they be included on the release. I hope you enjoy them."

MEGA038 - Return of Mega Twerp Compilation

The awesome netlabel Mega Twerp has just released their first compilation featuring 17 tracks covering many of the sounds and styles within the VGM scene. Artists include Year 200X, Disasterpeace, Temp Sound Solutions and goto80.

MEGA038 - Return of Mega Twerp Compilation

"That's right, it's offical. We are back, and we are rocking harder than ever. Spanning the many different styles that make up the video game style music scene, this compilation contains 17 tracks that are proper atari and essential to your music collection. And this is just the tip of the Iceberg of what's to come here at the new Mega Twerp! *urp* ohok bye!"