2d6 drops eclectic nerdcore hip hop album Goatse For My Dad

Been a while since I wrote 'nerdcore' but this is a great album to dust the old moniker off for. This album runs the gamut of nerdy pop culture. I featured two of my favoite tracks from the album on SUBCON 33, so you can hear my thoughts, and their awesome catchy rhymes there!

Tons of tracks with several great guest appearances.

What a joy to have a fifth album. I’ve never been more joyful.
— 2d6

Mayor Wertz drops the Midnight Movie EP, a hip hop tribute to bad movies

Not video games, but I do what i want. Mayor Wertz returns with the Midnight Movie EP, the album for every movie connoisseur, or for those who just watch whatever's on TV. Personally I hate movies, and haven't been in a theater in about ten years. 

I can't say enough great things about the final track Oh My God! inspired by the movie Troll 2. Simply the greatest hook I've ever heard. 

I love bad movies. I picked my three favorite bad movies and wrote raps about them. This was the result.
— Mayor Wertz

Mayor Wertz pays tribute to Hotline Miami in his latest hip hop EP

Mayor Wertz is on the ballot in Miami

Catchy EP! I don't know a single thing about Hotline Miami though.

This is by longtime friend of the site, Mayor Wertz, which is why I feel okay in saying, ADD SOME LINER NOTES, "Mayor." Get your secretary on that or something. I don't even have anything to copy/paste here. I'm just grabbing his facebook post...

My Hotline Miami EP just came out today, and it’s free! You should give it a listen and then play Hotline Miami. Or do both at the same time. Whatever floats your boat.
— Mayor Wertz

My Parents Favorite Music releases Mt. Weird

My Parent's Favorite Music has dropped an uplifting and ass kicking new album for free download with the help of Mayor Wertz and 2Mello. Listen and download free on bandcamp or the newly redesigned myparentsfavoritemusic.com.