Rock Paper Genocide, Borderlands inspired hip hop from nerdcore group RPG-Unit


From the opening anthem that is "I Shoot People," this EP unloads round after round of hot rhymes and some good hooks.

Whether you've traveled through the world of Borderlands or not (I haven't) this is a hot album for fans of apocalyptic underground hip hop or nerdcore video game raps.

Madhatter - Overheat music video by PBC Productions

MadHatter's "Overheat" music video by PBC Productions from Mad Hatter on Vimeo.

Plain and simple this video ROCKS SO HARD. the song comes courtesy of MadHatter and his 2007 release 8Bit Bullshit. Be sure to download the full album for a ton of other awesome rap tributes to classic NES titles.

The video itself is from the amazing folks at PBC Productions (Captain S, Little Miss Gamer) and was recorded at MAGFest VII. This also means that there are a few awesome cameos in the video. Keep an eye out and see who those cameos may be! I definitely recognized a few folks, Including a certain someone who performed at West Coast Wig Out.

Scrub Club Noncents Vol. 2 compilation release

Our good friends at Scrub Club Records have announced they have finished work on their latest release, Scrub Club Noncents Vol. 2. The album contains B-sides, unreleased, and new tracks from many SCR artists, old and new alike. Judging from the liner notes, this release looks like it spans a fair amount of Scrub Club history. The album has tracks from Madhatter, anna rexia, Big Stephen and many more! Head over to the download page right now and grab this album! And like with all SCR releases, this one is, of course, free to download!

8Bit Bullsh*t

This isn't exactly a new album, but definitely one that bears mentioning. I recently discovered Scrub Club Records, who are some fine folks with many albums under their belt. One of their latest is 8Bit Bullshit, by MadHatter. The album covers a wide range of classic games, including the first rap song I have ever heard about Excite Bike. The album is up for free download and has eleven great songs. Definitely worth checking out.

Also, once you are done falling in love with that album, there are plenty more free albums to download from Scrub Club Records. After downloading all that music, add them on myspace!