Self-titled lutin album re-released on Pterodactyl Squad

The self-titled release (AKA "the pink album") from Canadian Game Boy artist, lutin is the first of Pterodactyl Squad's Mega Twerp re-releases.

lutin says "This record was written using a single Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge and an old Nintendo DMG Game Boy. I've included an additional 2 bonus tracks on this re-release: bourgeois murk and power down. Both tracks were written around the same time as the rest of the album, so I thought it was fitting that they be included on the release. I hope you enjoy them."

Final Gamewave Podcast Episode...For A While

The Gamewave Podcast have just released Episode 28 of their video game music show, and it’s the last episode featuring host Mike! The podcast is taking a break over the summer before uniting with video games blog 8bit Hero! to create an epic hybrid podcast of video game talk and music. But the GWPC leaves on a high, playing awesome music from the new netlabels Mega Twerp and II. Artists featured include disasterPEACE, Phlogiston, Temp Sound Solutions, Lutin, and Spamtron. Check it all out at

The podcast is also accepting artist and listener submitted shows over the summer break, so if you’re interested please get in touch with the show. And stay tuned to the VGM Megacast feed for the super show which the hosts of the Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast will be releasing soon.

Mega Twerp relaunch!

Mega Twerp, the awesome video game music netlabel is now back online! The site has undergone a redesign and, as well as being home to artists such as lutin, Electro Static Discharge, Disastertron, Phlogiston and Spheres of Chaos, the new release from Player Two is now available from MT.

Here's a blurb from the site which explains the Mega Twerp ethos:

"Sometime in the year 200x our history was lost. We are still searching for it. All we can tell you is that we bring you a great selection of Video Game Music. Every "Sub-Genre" is welcome to this site wether you like chiptunes, theme remixes and covers, video game metal, progressive, IDM-style, chip and bass, chip hop, pop, and even bebop. You get the picture. We think there are too many of these "Sub-Genres" and thought it'd be great to have all these styles under on totally awesome netlabel!"

Go, go, go!

Music EXP Compilation Update 2

This is not the official cover (maybe?), but some fantastic art done by none other then Steffo of My Parent's Favorite Music.

Have we got news for you! We just got a total of FOUR new bands on board for Music EXP. Most of these new bands announced are from outside of the US, which makes this quite the international compilation. From Norwich, UK we've got The Lost Levels, who's self-titled EP has been called "Dark side of the moon for the Nintendo generation." Next up, from Ontario, Canada is fantastic chiptune artist Lutin. The third band for this announcement is our pal, hailing all the way from Australia, Dot.AY. And finally, from within our US borders comes the chip stylings of Player Two. We are glad to have all of these folks on board. Be sure to check them out on their official sites.

So now, let's see the chart of bands now officially on the album!

Band count so far:
8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
The Lost Levels
Player Two
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions

Keep checking back, we have a ton more to announce on the compilation soon!

Phlogiston, Lutin, Blip Festival, Data Age, The Minibosses eBay auction, Child’s Play 2006

Phlogiston released a new album recently entitled Visions of a Robotic Wizard. The album is 6 tracks in length and available from Mega Twerp for the price of completely free. Track list as follows.

    1. Landing

    2. 17a

    3. Triangular Shapes

    4. Cryptesthesia

    5. Viral

    6. Aptly named 0

Another new Mega Twerp release coming from Lutin. His self-titled album includes ten tracks and is also absolutely free.

        Two HUGE concerts this weekend as well. We’ll start off in New York, New York where the MASSIVE

Blip Festival

is being held from November 30th-December 3rd. We’ll let them explain.

        “THE TANK and 8BITPEOPLES are pleased to present the Blip Festival, a four-day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit videogame consoles and home computers used as creative tools. Familiar devices are pushed in new directions with startling results — Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Game Boys roaring with futuristic floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melody, art-damaged Sega hardware generating fluctuating and abstracted video patterns — and that's only the beginning. An exploration of the chiptune idiom and its close relatives, the Blip Festival is the biggest and most comprehensive event in the history of the form, and will include daily workshops, art installations, and nightly music performances boasting an international roster larger and more far-reaching than any previous event of its kind. Small sounds at large scales pushed to the limit at high volumes — the Blip Festival is an unprecedented event that is not to be missed.” -

        The list of performers must be seen to be believed. So if you are in New York DO NOT MISS IT. Also, if you are there let us know how it went (especially with plenty of footage and photos!)

        The next big concert is happening over here on the west coast in Los Angeles, CA.

Data Age

is throwing a big show of their own this Saturday, December 2nd. A good amount of electronic and VG inspired musicians will be in attendance including good pal

The Flight Orchestra

. The

GM4A crew

will also be in attendance at the Data Age show so we hope to see you there!

        One more thing. The Minibosses are having an eBay auction which includes a cornucopia of goods to benefit Child’s Play. The bid is pretty high right now but it is all for the children so give it a look. And of course donate what you can to Child’s Play!

8 Bit Bandit, Dumbfoundead, Lutin Wharf split EP, New Anamanaguchi and Vim albums, event dates

8 Bit Bandit has just released four new tracks for free download on his myspace site including tracks like Pogo and Keep the Salsa Fresh. Very good stuff. Also keep an eye out for his new collaboration with Dumfoundead The Super Barrio Bros. EP.

New Split album with Lutin and WHARF coming from the folks at Megatwerp. You can download the album on megatwerps frontpage.

Two new albums coming our way from 8bitpeoples. Anamanaguchi’s new 7 track album Power Supply has come out recently. Also Vim’s Extended Loo Break also coming in at 7 tracks. Both are free downloads so check them out.

One more note, check out the events section, we just updated it today with some new shows! Also don’t forget VGL!


8 Bit Weapon has released his album, Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0, in Amoeba Records in Hollywood for $9.99. So if you are in Hollywood, stop by Amoeba Records and pick it up.
New tracks coming down the pipe from typeA and Super Dracula, head on over to their sites to listen in.
Canadian chiptunist Lutin also has a new track, At the Bottom of the Lake, up from his forthcoming album being released October 6th on Megatwerp. Lutin also has a split EP in the works with artist WHARF. Lutin says about the upcoming split, “it looks to be an epic audio battle for the ages: think cotton-candy chiptune pop meets circuit bent land mines. ” The split is being released through magic swamp and will be available on CDR mini.


I wanted to point you folks to a podcast I highly recommend and is brought to us by the good folks at National Public Radio. This webcast is called Press Start and they are currently two episodes strong. In their second podcast they discuss the topic of video game music, so definitely listen in. In music, chiptune artist Lutin has recently released some new songs for download from his upcoming full length release on Chipcache, which will be dropping on October 6th.
In site news, We’ve finally got some footage up. All thanks to the great people from 2 Player Productions. They are working on a documentary currently titled Play A Video Game Music Documentary. We have some Youtube rough cuts right now but you can expect more footage and exclusive footage soon. They have their own page now in the media section, and we currently have three pieces of theirs up. Enjoy!
Also, good pal Leo from Push Start has hooked us up with some of this sweet artwork of his for us here at GM4A. This drawing is available for download as a wallpaper. Just click on the picture here, or go to the downloads section to snap it up!