Losap debut album Party Sometimes 'Gamewave' chiptune album


Laid back 'gamewave' chiptunes from the mysterious Losap. I honestly couldn't find out much about this fellow on a few rudimentary searches. All I dug up was a smattering of unrelated posts over on chipmusic.org.

Normally, I do this to send some love each musicians way, with a twitter link, or a soundcloud page, but due to Losap's general anonymity I can do no such favors this time. So if you are reading this, and you are digging some of Losap's chill tunes such as the earlier discussed November, or the party anthems of the album, "VIDEO GAME SH***************," and "Superbowl Party 3076" as much as I, then help in this grand search.

What's most unfortunate is that the last known whereabouts of Losap originate from Los Angeles. I'd love to see this entity at a live performance. 

Listen to the upbeat chiptunes of Losap track November


I am a big fan of seasonally themed tracks, especially ones about Fall or Winter as I languish in this desert heat here in Los Angeles. Losap answers my sun parched prayers with the track November. This is one of my favorite tracks on the rich fruit that is the Party Sometimes album.

More forthcoming on the album soon. First I Need to hunt down this Losap character and get some info out of him beyond his handful of posts over on chipmusic.org. This guy should never stop making music, that much seems true.