CVIII no Densetsu or whatever by Kirby Pufocia

A horrible night for curses and junk

this is a long labor of love.

someone said, “it worked”
someone else said “now we are all sons of bitches”

tl;dr - i got tired of deciding between the US and JPN versions of this soundtrack, so i made one using the bones of broth. both, i mean.

this is the result of several hundreds of hours staring at a computer screen blasting nes music into my ears, adjusting sliders, cutting and pasting, drooling, and sending the results out to countless people to tell me what sounds bad because this album made me deaf.

welcome to this page, i have written a lot of long, stupid, rambling words about almost every track, which you’ll find in each individual “info” page. if you care at all about the technical aspects then by all means! there’s also jokes if you don’t! i wrote a lot of words. please somebody read them.

thanks for listening. CV is a trademark of konami, or whatever. you probably knew that.
— Kirby Pufocia

Celebrate 30 years of Gradius with this Gradius X Aretha Franklin mashup

Let Gradius free!

Today is the 30th anniversary of Gradius hitting arcades in Japan. I imagine this is the party theme when the Bacterions (or whatever the hell you fight in Gradius) are finally defeated. Although, considering that a new Gradius in nearly ten years, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Konami headquarters is actually just a large warehouse with bums living inside it, maybe this song is a cry to Konami to sell the rights to a good, loving company while they still can.

I had no idea Aretha Franklin was singing about an alien invasion. I hated sitting on this song. This song has everything. The R&B VGM mashup I've been dying for, not to mention the highly underutilized tunes from the Gradius series. This is the kind of track that gets me so hyped about running this blog. It hits the sweet spot of two of my passions, early 90's shmups and late 60's blues and rock & roll.

I have a lot of passions.

I don't even have a clue who created this strange but beautiful fusion, but it really feels like they had me in mind. 

Too bad the person who created this strange but wonderful mashup hadn't merely left this on the front porch of the internet before running off. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this mashup producer, please inform me.

Thanks for spending Gradius week with us! Share your favorite Gradius memories with us in the comments and on twitter or facebook!

Top 25 Greatest 8-bit Castlevania Songs of All Time, as judged by 'AccordingToSCIENCE'

Please note: This is a fan video only; we do not claim ownership of content, nor do we collect any ad revenue. This video is a product of love for Castlevania.

We're going back to our roots with the best 8-bit Castlevania songs - check it out!
Our same old rule applies: melodies can only be featured once.

Top 25: 1:03
Top 20: 8:39
Top 15: 17:18
Top 10: 24:12
Top 5: 33:12
Stats: 43:48

The Castlevania series has been heralded for its music since its first appearance on the NES. These games helped redefine what was possible for 8-bit music composition, giving players exquisite melodies which evoked feelings of adventure, mystery, and fear. Every Castlevania game since these beginnings has featured a incredible soundtrack, but while games like Symphony of the Night and Lords of Shadow are quite musically impressive, we here at According to Science wanted to give a special shoutout to the era that started it all. That's right - for this list we focused solely on Castlevania installments which appeared on the NES and Gameboy systems. This resulted in a smaller pool of songs than we're used to, but we're confident that longtime fans and newcomers alike will discover some new favorites.

Listen to Castlevania vs Nas mashup 'It Ain't Hard To Fall' by 2 Mello

If you didn't think you lived in a world in which legendary rapper Nas battle raps the mythical undead Dracula, well, guess again!

Nerdcore producer and emcee 2Mello makes it so, while tossing in some of the hottest Castlevania beats I've ever heard.

Watch T.U.R.T.L.E. Power music video by nerdcore rappers Mega Ran x Klopfenpop


Great video game based music video for the recent single T.U.R.T.L.E. Power, from nerdcore hip hop artists Mega Ran and Klopfenpop. The video even includes lyrics so you can rap along!

Appears as a bonus track on the album "The Call: 8 Bit Edition" 

Download the song here.

Purchase full album here.

Sprite Animation and edits by Tron Bonne Art

Footage is property of Konami, inc. 

Lyrics and Song are a remake of "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" by Partners-N-Kryme. 

Beat by Klopfenpop

2Mello drops new mashup mixtape Nastlevania


Rapper and super producer, 2Mello has dropped his latest mashup project, Nastlevania, a surreal trip into the most bumping house party ever held in Dracula's Mansion. More than just a simple mashup project, 2Mello has found himself in the midst of an increasingly complex series of mashups, announcing that this is the second of three albums planned in this vein.

In the official liner notes, 2mello describes the idea behind his latest production. He says, "This time around, we have rapper Nas fighting his way through Dracula's Castle. Turns out Nas is a Belmont by blood. He has been summoned in our modern-day to defeat Dracula, who has decided he wants to be a rapper and is using the more mindless rap consumers to feed him with their souls in his return to power. Nas must defeat this king of mediocrity and bring back good music to those who have lost their souls to evil."

I'm a huge fan of these types of mashups, and it seems like 2Mello is the first producer to really understand why. His added content encapsulates this alternate Nas reality, creating an almost radio musical type atmosphere. It is certainly an album that needs to be heard, even for those not familiar with the back catalogs for either Nas or Castlevania.

For folks wanting to find out more about 2Mello and his mashup related endeavors, I recently conducted an interview with 2mello. We discuss much of the work and ideals contained in his previous mashup album Chrono Jigga. You can read the article now on

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP release

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP
Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP

I recently ran across an impressive UK based band by the name of Project Dolphin. They have recently released an album of original, but clearly VG influenced jazz rock. Their debut EP, Silvergun, is four tracks of spacey jazz fusion that brings back memories of classic music from Konami and Capcom, but with some impressive live instruments and skill.

The album is available on their bandcamp as both streaming, or to download for the small price of ₤3. This band was definitely a surprise to run across, and I am glad I did, since they are making some catchy tunes!

Virt set to compose for Contra 4

Virt, chiptunist, creator of VGMix, and all around creator of things most awesome, has been tapped to create the music to forthcoming DS title Contra 4. Not too much is known about the title yet, except that it will be in the old 2D contra style, and is being created by WayForward. The developers behind a personal favorite of mine, Sigma Star Saga. As for what the music may sound like, check this mp3 of Contravirt for reference.

Originally found via DS Fanboy