genoboost reviews 1982 arcade classic BurgerTime

genoboost reviews 1982 arcade classic BurgerTime

As a child of roughly kindergarten age at the opening of the 90s, I spent much of my time playing video games. At that age, I understood that there were two types of games, platform games, and puzzle games. That was all we owned, so that was all I played. In that narrow field of vision I came across a classic arcade game. It was BurgerTime.

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Graphics on Televisions release Pun, an album of vintage video game influenced jazz

An invigorating jazz blend of keys and percussion reminiscent of flickering old televisions and RF connected game consoles in Pun, the new album from Tokyo based duo Graphics on Television.

Have I mentioned lately that I love live drums. Knowing that, you may understand why I find "Tattlesnake" an especially transcendent track on this album. And in the summer heat of Los Angeles, there is no way I couldn't fall in love with the smooth chill of "Icicle". The album is available now for free download on Bandcamp.