Indie game chiptune soundtrack 'Halloween Forever' by bc likes you

More month late Halloween creepiness coming your way! This one was a game / soundtrack that was recommended to me a while back (on Halloween, geez guys, come on). At least this one is called 'Halloween Forever' so to be fair, I could post it any time of the year.

This is the soundtrack to Halloween Forever, a game made by Pete Lazarski. Definitely check it out and pick up a copy!

Get the game here -

Check out Pete’s work here -

All tracks written by bc likes you except Mystic Ruins, Spooky Church, and Porphyry Palace written by bc likes you, Kate Shannon, and Mike Shannon.
— bc likes you

Chiptune tribute to Friday the 13th by lpower

More late November creepiness thanks to my relaxed attitude towards music posts as well as the rather late scheduling of many a Halloween album. Come on guys, you can't all release them on October 31st, be reasonable. 

Well lpower has many a reason to be unreasonable with his latest release via PteSquad.The OST nature of the album actually sets a nice ambient tone that lingers in the background, giving that perfect slasher movie vibe. Consider listening to this album as you walk around late at night playing Pokemon Go. I did that, and I am now terrified.


F13 is the soundtrack to a video game heavily inspired by the Friday the 13th horror series. It all began when David Arseneau started work on a post-grad research project into how pop culture phenomena are pieced together from various component parts and he chose to explore slasher movies and the Friday the 13th franchise. One aspect of this project was creating a working video game and so he enlisted lpower to provide the soundtrack, as well as much of the in-game pixel art.

The whole project will be exhibited by David next year, but for now you can hear this immense, clinical, chilling OST full of retro synth sounds. There are also cassette versions for sale over on lpower’s Bandcamp page! Grab one at: And download pixel art for the game by David and lpower:
— PteSquad

Tracked presents creepy chiptune compilation Fright Club

So I think I should start considering November the real October. Considering it takes me a minute to hear an album and give the thumbs up that is this post. And considering everyone drops their Halloween album in the latter half of October. I'm still playing catch up.

I crashed into this particular compilation of creepy chiptunes via Masikus, who is featured on the compilation with his shiver inducing track The Babadook. Assumedly based on the movie, which I have not seen, but the track is damn creepy.

There are eight other tracks from folks that I am hearing for the first time. The chiptune mashup remix Never Gonna Bust a Thrill by Pain Perdu is a wonderful dance mix of chiptunes. Zanitlla creates a chaotic mix of gothic electronics in the stand out track Queen of the Zombos. All the tracks have a particular flair, and will make a perfect mix at your next creepy chiptune Halloween party, in 2017, because this album was released on Halloween night. So that is why you are hearing about it in mid November.

Good evening boils and ghouls and welcome to the first installment of the Fright Club! This collection of nightmarish waveforms, both originals and remixes, was chillingly crafted by some of your favorite creatures just in time for Halloween. So if you have an insatiable taste for haunted hymns, you’ve come to the right place.
— Masikus

c&sstockreports releases live chiptune rock mixtape 10-31-16

Halloween only lasts one day, but I'm pretty sure all the Halloween albums that drop can last the entire month, which is why I am still writing about Halloween albums in November.

Shawn Phase of C&S keeps dropping them and I'm going o keep funneling them to you. This is the latest c&s stock report is out now, and you need t get your affairs in order and grab the latest for only four dollars. This Halloween edition of these raw cuts is definitely the best way to kick off any haunting related activities.

released October 31, 2016
— c&s stock report

Listen to Pumpkin Zone (f. Schaffer the Darklord) [Prod. by Saitone] by My Parent's Favorite Music

Should have posted this around Halloween... 

Original sample “Thriller” by Michael Jackson ©Epic Records 1984, composed by Rod Temperton, produced by Quincy Jones.

Chiptune remix produced by Saitone (

Vocals by Steffeny Messinger/My Parents Favorite Music ( and

Schaffer the Darklord (

Mixed/Mastered by 2 Mello (

Due to copyright issues, this is a free download, so feel free to donate to MFPM, Schaffer the Darklord, Saitone, or 2 Mello by going to their respective websites and throwing a dollar or two their way.
— My Parent's Favorite Music