Vibrant hip hop and old school video games in the Feel Good Vibes EP by FrivolousShara

This is the definition of feel good album of the year, well, if it had came out this year. That's my bad though. I first heard of FrivolousShara on an earlier Phulionius Phunk release, and a little digging revealed this EP as well. I fell in love and now I'm telling you what someone should have told me a year ago. She drops a Super Mario RPG based flow in Where Are We Going? That track would have won me over if the quality of the entire album hadn't already done so. Expect multiple tracks fro, the Feel Good Vibes EP to be featured on present and future SUBCON podcast episodes. 

The one nice thing about being ridiculously late on this ridiculously dope EP is that hopefully this means FrivolousShara's next collection of music is coming soon! I hope! I still have to give this one a few more rotations though, so no rush.

Centered on the whole feel of summer; the sun, the trees, the flowers, the grass, the birds, the breeze, no school, vacation, relaxation, the fun, the friends, the love, the Summer nights, the adventure, the good times to remember for a long time- “Feel Good Vibes” aims to bring you feel good vibes.

PhunkoLand, dope hip hop tibute to video games by Philonius Phunk

Philonius Phunk and friends drop a fourteen track tribute to the gone, but clearly not forgotten game store FuncoLand. I've never been myself, but remember seeing FuncoLandads in my old gaming magazines!

This album is fire though, with tons of awesome guests from 'the new generation of nerdcore.' 

PhunkoLand is an ode to FuncoLand, which is now Gamestop. This is a collection of classic video game based beats laced with raw lyrics from the next generation of nerdcore hip-hip artists such as Tekforce, The Last WordBenders, Twill Distilled and more. PhunkoLand, your one stop shop for gaming rhymes and rhythms! HAVE PHUN!!!
— Philonius Phunk