Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/18 - 1/24

Look up above, today's art is not a painting, but a very cool clay sculpture done by artist unicornstrike, and simply entitled Roselia. Be sure to check out more of her impressive video game inspired sculptures as well!

In GM4A news, if you look over to your left, you will see an advertisement for our next concert! It is called Pizza and Chips 2, and will feature amazing music by several great VG inspired musicians. More info for that on the event page.

That is about it from me this week, except for the unrelated but very sad news that Conan O'Brien has walked away from the Tonight Show, but hopefully he will be popping up soon with something new and awesome. Anyway, check out the links below for this week's news! NEWS

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VIDEO This weeks video comes courtesy of the one and only MAGFest. This year's series of performers really outdid itself with tons of amazing songs, and performances. This is but the smallest of highlights below. Armcannon covers the amazing Chrono Trigger soundtrack with their arrangement of Zeal, orginally from Bad Dudes' Chronotorious album. Also be sure to see one of their latest debuts in their amazing F-Zero medley, which came very very close to being this weeks video, considering my endless love for the music from F-Zero. In the end though, the amazing guitar solos in the below video just edged it out for video of the week.

Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!